Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: THREE OF HEARTS by W. Ferraro


 by W. Ferraro

  Three of Hearts (Hamden, #1)
*An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Heat Rating: be prepared for PINK cheeks! 

Three of Hearts, (the first book in the new Hamden series by W. Ferraro), is a light hearted and emotional read about two very real people: Mae and Seth. Mae is looking for a home and place where she can belong. Seth is still getting over the loss of his wife, from 5 years earlier, while trying to raise three children. This is a great love story where the reader gets to fall in love along with Mae, Seth and the children, but also we get to fall in love with the other characters that live in beautiful Hamden.

Mae has just moved into Hamden and is looking for a place to live. She quickly, through the help of Seth’s sister, is able to find and afford the apartment attached to Seth’s home. Sparks fly as soon as these two characters meet and their love affair takes off. The chemistry between Seth and Mae was a bit fast (and HOT) but that doesn’t bother me, sometimes when you find the right person, you want to be with that person. Throughout the story the reader gets a real sense of who Mae is and how truly genuine she is. Mae loves Seth's kids and would do whatever it takes for her loved ones. I really liked her character and really enjoyed getting to know her throughout this book.

Seth, on the other hand, kind of pissed me off. He was loving and so reassuring that Mae was not a replacement through a lot of the book, then made and HUGE mistake when he blows up during the climax of the book. (I won’t spoil it). I really had a hard time getting back into the groove of the book after this episode and will admit I tossed my Kindle on the couch and stormed off for chocolate.

After I got over my temper tantrum about characters not doing what I want in a book, I kept reading and truly enjoyed the way everything resolved. I got a little misty towards the end; ending this story with a long sigh of satisfaction that I got the ending these characters deserved.

Overall, this was a GREAT first book by W. Ferraro. I truly enjoyed reading this book and think that this is definitely something you should put in your “to-be-read” pile.  I am certainly looking forward to reading the next books in this series (I do LOVE a series about a town of characters I enjoy). This is a nice read that leaves you with a light heart and hope that their is always room for love and happily ever after in your life.

Book #2 in the Hamden series THREE OF SPADES  (Dylan's) is out now
Book #3 THREE OF DIAMONDS (Wes's story) will be out soon

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