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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: PROMISE ME by Barbie Bohrman

Promise Me

by: Barbie Bohrman


Sabrina Chandler must go back home to face her past and confront her once best friend and ex-boyfriend who betrayed her in the worst way possible.
Returning to her past also means coming face to face with the boy who was standing in the shadows one fateful night. The same boy she made a promise to and who unknowingly walked away with her heart.
Can she move forward with her life when her heart is still 10 years in the past?


"Please, don't be nervous," he says softly, "I'd never hurt you."
​"I need to tell you something," he hesitates, and for the briefest moment I see a hint of the nervousness in his eyes that he was making light of earlier. It's in such complete odds to the man I just spent the hottest minute of my life with that I just nod when he goes on to say things that make my pulse race faster than I thought possible.
​"That night, it wasn't the first time I noticed you... or the last. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was for me to walk away from you back then, but…”
​“But what?”
​I’m literally on the edge of my seat as to what else will tumble out of his beautiful mouth that I can’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. His eyes follow the movement and stays on my lips before dragging his line of vision back up to mine.​
​ “Sabrina, we both know at that point in our lives it wouldn't have been a very smart idea,” he says reluctantly.
​“Why not?”
​His smile doesn’t reach his eyes when he says, “Well, for starters, I wasn’t a very good guy back then in case you forgot. You were… you are different. I couldn’t have given you what you needed and deserved.”
​I can’t help myself, I have to know. “And what did I deserve exactly, Tyler?”
​“Someone who would treat you right, take care of you... cherish you.”
​Does that mean he’s ready now? I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question so I mentally wave it away.​
​“When I got the invite for this, I only thought of you and swore to myself that if I saw you again I would do everything I could to make sure that this,” he stops abruptly, takes a step and puts his hands on the door on each side of my face, trapping me in place. “Whatever this is between us would finally happen. So please, trust me, because I have no intention of disappearing on you."
​He brings himself even closer so that there's barely any space between us. I can't keep from looking into his hooded eyes as he drops his hands and lightly runs his fingertips up my bare arms until he's cradling my face. His head bends down slowly and he brings his lips to place a feather light kiss on my forehead.
​“You feel it too, don’t you,” he says easily.
​Before I can respond, he kisses both my cheeks and pulls back an inch to look into my eyes. In a seductive voice that makes my head spin, he goes on, "You have no idea how much I wanted to kiss you that night."
​I know the feeling all too well, since all these years later all I've ever obsessed about when I think about him is how much I wished he had. I try to catch my breath as it's becoming increasingly difficult with him being so close after the elevator ride and his confession, but somehow I manage to finally admit it, "I wanted you to.”
​He smiles while his thumbs are tenderly rubbing my cheeks then he bends his head again and brushes his lips against mine. I can tell his heart is racing as fast as mine when I slowly run my hands up his chest and back down again until they wrap around his muscular broad back. He presses his body completely against mine and kisses me again until his tongue flicks lightly on my bottom lip. As my lips barely part to taste him again he angles his mouth over mine and I give in to him completely.


Star Rating:  4.5 out of 5

Heat Rating: STEAMY!

Give me a bad boy any day, but you mix it with crush from your past reunion and I am SOLD!!  I knew I was going to enjoy this story just by reading the blurb and first chapter, but it ended up that I LOVED Promise Me!

Sabrina and Tyler.  Damn.  Where do I begin?  Have you ever had your teenage heart shattered and the person you would least expect be nice to you swoop in and take care of you at the perfect moment?  No? Sabrina has and it was Tyler that was there for her in high school when her world was crumbling.  Tyler, the bad boy who she had known most of her life but rarely spoke to, the boy all the girls drooled over,  blows Sabrina's mind while making her promise him something in return.  I know, right? *swoon*

Sabrina keeps her promise and moves away and never looks back until the reunion.  Can she stay away?  Does she go?  What if Tyler is there?  What if he isn't?  This book was so good and keeping the reader on their toes, never quite sure where things were heading, but hoping with all your might that they were going in the direction you want.

I don't want to say too much, because, frankly, you need to read this book, but I will say that the heat and fireworks between Tyler and Sabrina are not to be missed.  There is angst, struggle and drama (this is a romance novel) but it isn't overdone.  The major climax of the story will piss you off, but I really think Barbie Bohrman handled it well and believably.

The cast of characters in this book, alone is worth the price for admission.  We all should be so lucky to have a best friend like Julia, a boss like Alex and a Mom like Sabrina's.  I loved the interactions between the characters and the depth they added to the story.  It really felt like everyone in the book had a reason to be there and a purpose in the story.

I read this from first page to last page in one sitting... It was hard to put down, I devoured this like a package of Oreos.  Barbie Bohrman's debut novel was simply AMAZING (I am still blown away that this is her first book and a wee bit jealous of her talent to tell a story like this).  Her characters felt real, her dialogue had a rhythm that just drew you in and the pacing was excellent, you never get bored and want to skim.    This book was such a pleasure to read and I will DEFINITELY be adding Barbie to my automatic buy list.  I can't wait to see what she writes next (Hopefully Julia's story?)  Promise Me is the perfect book for summer reading (heck, anytime) so go grab it for yourself and let me know what you think... promise me?

Author Info:

Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to the New Jersey after getting her Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Miami-Dade Community College. She currently resides in the Garden State with her two children. Her hobbies include movies, great TV shows, reading, reading, and even more reading.

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