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Blog Tour with Excerpt: SCHOOLED TWO by Deena Bright

Schooled Two: The Final Lesson Plan

by Deena Bright

Release Date: June 7th, 2013


The Final Lesson Plan
Schooled Two

“They’re baaack!”

The raunchy, witty gang from Schooled is back again, but this time what they lack in full-out graphic erotica, they more than make up for in humor, sarcasm, sexual innuendo, and believe it or not, emotional angst.

Now that Janelle Garrity’s reputation has been slandered all over her hometown, and the locals are referring to her as “Professor Pedophile,” she has a lot of cleansing of her good name to tend to. But that won’t stop her from still getting down and dirty with her sexy boy toys, Briggs Alexander and Leo Cling. Both men taught her about that four-letter word, lust. But, can they further her education and teach her even more about that other four letter word, love? Briggs and Leo both possess secrets that Janelle never saw coming. Will those secrets be too much for her, causing this teacher to dismiss class early? Or does Janelle Garrity, teacher extraordinaire, have that special ability to turn all situations into a “teachable moment” for everyone involved?

Inquiring and dirty minds want to know; will Janelle hold on to that hunky football star, taking him all the way to the end zone? Or will Janelle choose the romance-reading intellectual as her other half? The Final Lesson Plan will give you all the answers, and you won’t even have to cheat.


I was already slathered in sunscreen, basking in the sunlight on a double-sized raft, downing my second margarita when Char showed up for the cookout.  “Hey skank, you took the good raft,” she said as she took off her cover-up and flip-flops.

“You need to get here pretty early to beat me to this thing.  I’d trade my future first-born to for this aqua-gift from God,” I replied, putting my drink back down in the built-in cup holder.  It really was the greatest raft ever.  “Do you have makeup on?” I asked shading my eyes from the sun.

“No,” Char said, looking away from me. “Like I’d wear makeup swimming.”

“Yes, you do! Since when do you wear makeup to a pool party?” I inquired.  

Char hated the girls who wore makeup to swim or lie in the sun.  Char loved the water, just as I did.  She always fucked with our sorority sisters who refused to get their hair wet and insisted on sitting beside the pool in full makeup, jewelry, and their hair styled to perfection.  One spring break, Char coined the term “pool jewelry,” claiming that all they did was accessorize the appearance of the pool.   She even had one of those obnoxious vacation t-shirts airbrushed with the saying “Pool Jewelry = Frigid Skanks.”  I was the only one who got the joke, but that was good enough for her.  

“Alright whore, spill it,” I said.  “Where’d you sleep last night?”  

“Nowhere! I was home all night long,” she argued.

“No chance, you obviously just made your walk of shame straight here instead of stopping home first,” I said. “Who was he?” 

Char studied my face for a long time before saying, “Just some guy from Lavery’s…and I did stop at home.  Look, have my suit on.”  

Lavery’s was Char’s favorite “after-work to unwind” bar.  Understanding that she had no intentions of seeing him again, I just nodded and said, “Before you get in the water, the margarita pitcher is in the cooler.  Be careful when you open it; it’s just balancing in there without a lid.” 

Char poured herself a margarita and found the crappy raft in the shed.  As she eased herself in to the water, she asked, “How’d it go with the African-American God? Were you able to walk today?” 

“Oh make no mistake about it, I was on my knees thanking that particular God much of the day,” I joked, tapping my glass with hers. “Char, he is a gift straight from Heaven, you have no idea.”

“Jesus, stop! I’m not sure I can hear all this without my lady parts exploding with jealousy,” she said, laughing.  “No…but really…don’t even think about stopping.  Tell me everything, every last saucy detail.”

I began telling Char pretty much every detail of the day before; I left virtually nothing out.  Char and I told each other everything, so I didn’t feel uncomfortable going into explicit detail about every single sexy thing that happened.  As I relayed the events, needing to embellish nothing since it was all so sublime in the first place, our rafts had floated down to the deep end of the pool, facing away from the gate.  Neither of us realized that we had company until we heard a clearing of a throat.  Turning around, to my dismay, I was staring into the rather pained and torn face of Leo Cling. 

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