Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Blitz: NOWHERE TO RUN by Nina D'Angelo

Nowhere to Run new cover

Nowhere to Run
by Nina D'Angelo


A dominatrix is murdered; her body displayed in a show of dominance. An actress is found dead beneath the Hollywood sign.
Stephanie Carovella left her career, her friends and her home town of Los Angeles, but she couldn't outrun the demons on her past. When she is lured back by the death of her best friend she enters a world where no one's safe.
As her deepest and darkest secrets are revealed, Stephanie must find out who she can trust.
Will it be Jesse Carlisle? Her ex-lover and the man she left behind. He would give anything to have her back in his arms, but is it enough?
Or will it be Jase Devlin? Her best friend's boyfriend, and a man with secrets as dark and
dangerous as her own.

Can Stephanie find her friend's killer or will she discover that she has nowhere to run?

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