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Taken By You (The Killer Next Door #2)

by: Carlie Sexton


How tragic it is when a caged spirit finally finds its freedom and — entranced in its ecstasy — is invited by that freedom into a cloaked dance with danger.

In Book One of this three-part epic, Kate Simmons — young and alluring, and finally out of her cage of grief — attracts more than attention. Intoxicated by her newfound independence, a blithe Kate is on her way to finding out that around the corners of life, some life-changing eye-openers await. As the story continues in Book Two and she begins to churn a dangerously turbulent trail, it is Kate who now has to snap to, to react, to outrun, or become yet another tortured victim who vanishes down the path of wrong choice.

Having already roiled the risky waters of jealousy, Kate moves in with Neil while Roger — an enamored oddity — visits his son in Germany. Upon his return and finding Kate gone, Roger’s predator mind becomes unhitched, and then unleashed, on the hunt of a lifetime. But whose life?

Step by creeping step, even as Kate’s future closes in on her, she attends — obliviously — to her new life, working through the challenges of fresh relationships, losing family members both to death and to deceit, questioning the depth of love. 
Every path offers a choice. Every choice offers a consequence. And every consequence summons its due. As emotions swirl across fateful days and nights, some in Kate’s life will reach out to touch happiness in warm embraces, others to sever ties in bloody traces.

The stains of passion are frequently mistaken. The question here is who will be taken?

Character Spotlight:

Full name: Peter (Neil) Statton
Born: July 8, 1982 in San Diego, CA
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Stats: (6’1”; 185 lbs; black hair; hazel eyes)
Favorite food: Filet Mignon
Favorite TV show: Suits
Activities: Golf, tennis, reading
Favorite book: The Litigators by John Grisham
Favorite movie: A Few Good Men
College degree: B.A. Communication from SDSU; Law degree from Stanford
Current job: Lawyer

Full name: Katherine Ann Simmons (Kate)
Born: February 12, 1988 in Lafayette, LA
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Stats: (5’7”; 123 lbs; brown hair; brown eyes)
Favorite food: Lasagna
Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory
Activities: reading, studying, working out, kayaking
Favorite book: Naked, All In by Raine Miller
Favorite movie: Twilight series
College degree: B.A. in Liberal Arts-currently attending SDSU
Current job: Sales associate at Nordstrom

Full name: Roger James Wilkins
Born: March 2, 1974 in Boise, ID
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Stats: (6’0”; 180 lbs; brown hair; brown eyes)
Favorite food: steak
Favorite TV show: Dexter
Activities: Playing in a band,
Favorite book: Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Favorite movie: The Shining
College degree: B.S. Business Finance
Current job: Business owner~ window tinting company

Full name: Mark Andrew BaxterBorn: November 16, 1991, Arlington, VA
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Stats: (6’2”; 195 lbs; black hair; green eyes)
Favorite food: Thai
Favorite TV show: Teen Wolf
Activities: Football, scuba diving
Favorite book: Stone Cold by Joel Goldman
Favorite movie: Idiocracy
College degree: B.S. Business Finance
Current job: Waiter at George’s in La Jolla


It was dark outside when Kate pulled into the parking garage. She took a moment to reflect upon the events of the day. She hadn’t stopped shaking after hearing Roger’s voice. She wondered if Rose had felt this kind of fear when he killed her. Had he knocked her out before he killed her? Who knows what he did to her? 
Before she had left the store one of the guys from security had scanned the parking lot for Roger’s white Range Rover, as she needed to make sure that he wasn’t there waiting for her in the parking lot. After telling the human resources manager that she had to quit immediately, she left, feeling totally unhinged. The manager had been very understanding, acknowledging that her safety was more important than the job.
She was grateful that her co-worker, Stacy, was really sharp and had a good sixth sense, thinking so quickly on her feet. Evidently Roger was doing a thorough search for her. It seemed like he knew she was working there by his line of questioning. Stacy had said the right things to not raise his suspicions, but if he had talked to anyone else, it might have gone differently. 
 She couldn’t wait to go upstairs and be with Neil. She exited her car and ran to the elevator. When the doors opened, a man was preparing to step outside and head to his car. His presence startled her and she jumped back a little. The man realized this as he spoke to her. “Are you okay, miss? I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“Yes, I’m fine. It’s just been a long day.” 
They exchanged places as he got off and she got on the elevator. Now the sight of strangers was freaking her out. She actually thought of running for a moment at the sight of an unknown man. She needed to get a hold of herself.
She couldn’t wait to be in Neil’s arms. The elevator seemed to move at such a slow pace that it caused her anxiety to rise even faster, if that was possible. She couldn’t believe that her life was being controlled by a sociopath who was fixated on her. She knew deep down that Roger was capable of the unthinkable, that the police didn’t have the wrong suspect. How was she ever going to feel safe again if they didn’t put him away?
The elevator opened and she hurried to the front door. She wanted to get inside as soon as possible. She tried to put the key in the door, but her hands were shaking and she ended up dropping her keys. She tried again, and couldn’t get the lock to turn. She was a mess. Neil heard her commotion and opened the door before she could try for a third time.
He took a good look at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”
Kate’s mouth couldn’t seem to form words.
“Shit Kate. What is it?”
She entered their apartment and put her purse on the island. Neil closed the door behind her. 
“Roger…Roger found me,” she said.

Author Info:

Carlie Sexton has had a passion for reading her entire life. She loves it so that she dedicated her life to educating children. As a teacher, she has had the profound pleasure of teaching children to read and explore their imaginations through a good book. Just recently she decided to write a story that had been on her mind. Now she has several that she wants to turn into additional books. Writing has become a passion that she dearly loves.
Carlie lives with her handsome husband in Southern California. They enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that California provides. They have two beautiful dogs, but on children. 

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