Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In Love with Adult Romance Blog Tour & Giveaway Day #7: THE PALMS by S. Celi


by: S. Celi

An Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 25, 2013


Three days on Palm Beach will change everything.

We all have one--the one who got away. For 31-year-old Trent Matthews, that woman is Lauren Crawford. For 28-year-old Lauren Crawford, that man is Trent Matthews.

Ten years after they last saw each other on Palm Beach, an unexpected night at The Breakers sends Lauren and Trent roaring back into each others lives. She's still sassy, sexy, and sophisticated. He's still rich, handsome, and an expert with women. The years have passed, but old feelings haven't died.

Not even close.

Now, these two have a second chance at love.

The problem is--Trent left Lauren without any explanation in 2002. She's still mad and confused. Back then, Trent had his reasons--about a dozen--for his abrupt exit from her life. But even a decade later, he doesn't want to admit all of them--or make them public. And that hesitation may cost him Lauren. Forever.

Will Trent admit the mistakes of his youth? Will Lauren grant Trent her forgiveness? Or will they lose love again underneath THE PALMS?


“You read my mind,” Lauren replied, and laughed. As Jason turned away to place her order she turned her head and got an even better look at the people who’d just sat down at the bar, making it go from half empty to full in about ten minutes.

That’s when her laughter died.

There he sat on the other side of the bar, right in her vantage point. Right there, across from Lauren, and next to a tan blonde woman with curly hair who had to be in her 30s. Who at that very moment had her hand nestled in his caramel colored hair.


She would have recognized him anywhere, even though she hadn’t seen him in ten years. The passage of time didn’t matter at all. Not when it came to him. Full green eyes. A roguish grin. Firm, chiseled jaw. A small spray of stubble fanned out from his lips. Ten years had changed him of course, but she still recognized the smirk and the way his eyes intoxicated and mocked her. Lauren tried to look away and ignore the way her heart constricted in her chest, but she couldn’t. Not this time.

Trent Matthews.

Older, but no less handsome. No less electrifying. And no less magnetic.

“Oh my God,” she said under her breath. “I just can’t believe it.”

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Meet the Author:

 New Orleans born Sara Celi has lived all over the United States. She calls the Greater Cincinnati area and the Queen City home.

She has spent more than a decade working in journalism and broadcasting, with jobs both on-air and off-air at TV stations in Louisiana, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Her work has appeared in numerous online publications, magazines and newspapers, and she is a contributing author to Chicken Soup For The Soul: The Power of Positive.

Sara graduated cum laude from Western Kentucky University in 2004.

In her spare time, she likes to read, shop, write, travel, run long distances, volunteer with the Junior League, and fund raise for Cooperative for Education, a non-profit providing educational opportunities for Guatemalan kids. 

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