Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Love with Adult Romance Blog Tour & Giveaway Day #8: FREED BY FIRE by Ashley Christine

FREED BY FIRE (Chicago In Love series)

by: Ashley Christine

A New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 12, 2013


Emery Morgan is a writer.

She writes stories about a love she had never really experienced for herself. A love that was soul-soaring, heart-hammering...a love we only read about in books.

Emery dealt with the loss of her mother - a woman who was clothed in strength and who loved her daughter more than life. Emery’s husband, Matt, was unable to see past himself to help her in any way.

Emery Morgan settled for what she thought she deserved. Little did she know life had other plans for her. What she deserved wasn’t even close to what she had with Matt.

She met Caid Burke - a Chicago firefighter, who lit a flame within her and ignited her own romance novel-worthy type of love. Emery found that the love she had written about could truly exist...but first, she needed to be freed.


Say something, Emery! I sat there, frozen, unable to say a word. Likely looking like a complete idiot with a goofy grin on my face. I let myself get lost a little in that moment. In Caid’s eyes—which were definitely from the same bloodline as Leland’s. Just crisper, more twinkly, possibly undressing me at that very second. I hoped.
A sly smirk whispered across his lips as he pulled his lip between his teeth and grazed his flesh with those pearly whites. To add insult to injury—to ice the cake, so to speak, he ran his fingers through his hair.
I wanted to drag my teeth along his lip. I wanted to curl my fingers into his hair. Damnit, if he wasn’t a living, breathing version of Toby…without the suit and silky hands.

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Ashley was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She works full-time, is a wife, and a mother to two wonderful children. In her spare time, if there ever is such a thing, she enjoys photography and reading.

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