Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Release Day Spotlight & Giveaways: The Perfect Couple by Kim Gramling & Lisa Shelton


by: Kim Gramling & Lisa Shelton

Release Date: October 8, 2013


Perfect life, perfect job, perfect dog, perfect husband. What happens when your soul mate walks into your life? Sara Taylor has a good life in Bay Shore, Michigan, with her lawyer and sailor husband, Jeff, who has given Sara everything he thinks a woman could want. Except children, that is. After a decade of marriage, Sara fills the void left by kids--or lack thereof--with God, gardening, and baking. Her dog, Lily, keeps her busy, as does her job as a Realtor and interior designer, but she can't help being a little sad every time her best friend, Rachel, announces yet another pregnancy.

When Sara walks into church one Sunday and finds a handsome stranger in her seat, her world is turned upside down. While Eric Williams wears a wedding ring and has two kids in tow, he introduces the pretty lady beside him as his sister. Intrigued by the mystery and the sadness in his eyes, Sara immediately befriends the family, trying hard to ignore the sparks that fly between her and Eric. 

As her friendship with the Williams family grows, so does Sara's need for a family of her own. While Jeff is content with being the perfect couple, Sara begins to question her own happiness and, in turn, her entire marriage. She fights hard to stay true to her husband, but just as she feels her heart begin to betray her, she gets a phone call that changes her life forever. Kim Gramling and Lisa Shelton weave an intricate tale of love, disappointment, and regret in The Perfect Couple. Can Sara stay true to her husband when she is tempted by the family she's always wanted?


 As I stared blankly out the window, my thoughts drifted back
over the past several months when I met the man who had finally
awakened my heart. But then I shook my thoughts back to Jeff.
I felt quite abashed at myself for thinking of those stunning blue
eyes while waiting to hear if my husband was still alive. A shivering
tingle went down my spine at the mental image of the handsome
man in his house by the lake as I thought of God’s plan and
what exactly he was trying to say to me by giving me a man to
love and eventually marry, only to bring another man into my life
and make me question everything I had ever known.

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Meet the Author:

Kim and Lisa were best friends at Keller High School in Keller, Texas. Kim was a student athletic trainer and Lisa was on the drill team. At the winter break of Lisa's senior year (Kim's junior year), Kim moved to Kansas. They kept in touch until college, new friends, and eventually starting their families made their contact with one another sparse, to say the least. 

When Lisa wrote and published a children's book (Wish Dog Tales; Afraid of the Dark), Kim bought a couple of copies and sent a picture via cell phone of her with a book to Lisa, to show her support. When Lisa texted back, she asked Kim to read another story she was working on - not a children's book, but a Christian based romance novel - because she was kind of stuck on where the story should go. Kim read the rough draft and offered some ideas, and thus a partnership was born! They began working on the story together in January of 2012 and finished it on August 30, 2012. 

Kim is a professional photographer in Olathe, Kansas where she lives with her husband, Steve, and their son, Lane

Lisa is a teacher in Ft. Worth, Texas. She lives in Decatur, Texas with her husband, Len, and their daughter, Keira.

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