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Round 2 of Men Of Omnific Ultimate Book Boyfriend @WILLIAMDMADDOX from SEERS OF LIGHT by @Jen_DeLucy


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The talented authors of Omnific Publishing are putting their best male characters head-to-head in a March Madness-style competition where you can vote on your ultimate guy! 39 characters will compete through several rounds until there is only one man left standing.  

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WILLIAM MADDOX has made it to ROUND 2!! Let's get him more VOTES to get to Round 3! (you can vote once everyday).  Round 2 goes until Oct 5th!

As a Thank You for voting Jennifer DeLucy is giving away MORE copies of SEERS OF LIGHT! (see below)

Meet the William David Maddox:

  • Sentient Healer born during the Dust Bowl to poor Scottish immigrants. 
  • Captured and turned Vampire. 
  • Looks twenty-nine. 
  • Actual age? Old enough to be your father. 
  • Soul restored by a Seer. 
  • Black sheep of the Sentient world. 
  • Distrusted by most, loved by very few. 
  • Smirks through it all.  

NEW for Round 2 Interview with William David Maddox:

You’ve made it to round two. Why should readers vote for you again in the Smackdown?

Why? Well, I think because it would prove that sometimes an underdog can take all, you know? Sure, I’m fully dressed, and have you seen the half-naked bare chests in this competition? But, I’m one hell of a lover, and my body isn’t so shabby, either. The ladies will have to undress me and find out for themselves how I stand up to the competition. Plus, most of my Sentient Society thinks I’m this dangerous rebel type and constantly distrusts me. Somebody needs to love me. 

Tell us one secret about you? Something that you think raises you above the competition?

Hm. A secret? Well… I can read emotions, which isn’t supposed to be my Endowment as a Sentient. Even my soul mate doesn’t realize that. It’s remnant from being a Vampire, so I thought it would go away when…well…that’s for another time. But, needless to say, it hasn’t. 

Do you prefer slow or intense love making?

HAH! That’s, that’s a tough one. I really prefer them both, to be honest. It depends on my mood, though. Also, love-making is always intense. Especially when I can hardly stop from using my energy to up the ante on things. 

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

It would be this: 

SEERS OF LIGHT (The Light Series)

by: Jennifer DeLucy


“Do it!” William stood tall, his arms at his sides, fully open.
I swelled the vibrations of my body to the surface, narrowing my eyes in a concentrated stare, willing them out. Nothing happened.
“Come on, Lily! Don’t flake out on me!”
My whole body tensed and my skull throbbed with the pressure. Still, William remained untouched. If only it didn’t feel so contrived. I couldn’t muster that kind of emotion out of nowhere. The surroundings were too controlled.
William sighed, relaxing his arms. “Lily, I’m not even trying to block you. You have to do this again. You’ve done it before, what’s the problem?”
“I, I don’t know.” I shrugged, frowning. “I’m trying, but . . . I don’t feel angry right now.” 
“Tomorrow night, there’s a good chance you’re going to encounter an Incubus. Add to that the fact that a vampire tried to kill you! Doesn’t that stir up the wrath of Lillian?”
“More like the terror. And stop calling me that! You know I hate it.”
“Lillian.” He smiled, slyly.
“Oh, mature. The extra long lifetime still hasn’t taken the boy out of the vampire.”
“Lillian,” he repeated, walking up to me. “Stubborn, arrogant, blindly loyal Lillian can’t muster the strength to fight a vampire.”
“Shut up, William.”
The edge of his mouth twisted up into a delightfully rebellious smile. “Make me.”
Gritting my teeth together, I stared him down like a mad-woman. My fingernails dug into my palms, my eyes watered and my whole body trembled . . . and William didn’t budge, not even an inch. Sighing, I sulked and dropped my gaze to the ground.
“It’s no use,” I said, all the will gone from me. “I’ll never survive as a Sentient. They should put me on kitchen detail. I could stock shelves. I’m good at stocking shelves.”
“The whole friends thing aside, I still piss you off, right?” he asked.
“Yeah. Sure,” I said, half-heartedly.
“Good.” And then his lips were on mine, his hands on either side of my face, holding it in place. For an inconceivable instant I forgot everything—who I was, where I was—and wrapped my fingers into his hair, deepening the kiss. 
Then, my mind exploded. No, no, no, no! Friends we could be, but not this . . .
I pulled free, breathless, enraged. If there had been words to express the fury, the confusion, and moreover the inexplicable glory of what I felt, I’m certain I would have let him have it. But that wasn’t what he was counting on, was it? If real emotion was as powerful and as concrete as a brick wall, and William was looking for some brick throwing, he was going to get it.
There was no need for energy building now, no need for deep concentration. It took the smallest word to do the job.
“Never,” I whispered. And he shot up and backwards, slamming against the tree line and falling to the ground, unmoving.

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