Saturday, October 5, 2013

Round 2 of the Omnific Book Boyfriend Smackdown ends tonight!


Today is the last day of Round 2 please VOTE for your favorite Book Boyfriend William Maddox

The talented authors of Omnific Publishing are putting their best male characters head-to-head in a March Madness-style competition where you can vote on your ultimate guy! 39 characters will compete through several rounds until there is only one man left standing.  

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Meet the William David Maddox:

NEW for Round 2 Interview with William David Maddox:

(if you want to learn more about our William, we have to get him to Round 3)

You’ve made it to round two. Why should readers vote for you again in the Smackdown?

Why? Well, I think because it would prove that sometimes an underdog can take all, you know? Sure, I’m fully dressed, and have you seen the half-naked bare chests in this competition? But, I’m one hell of a lover, and my body isn’t so shabby, either. The ladies will have to undress me and find out for themselves how I stand up to the competition. Plus, most of my Sentient Society thinks I’m this dangerous rebel type and constantly distrusts me. Somebody needs to love me. 

Tell us one secret about you? Something that you think raises you above the competition?

Hm. A secret? Well… I can read emotions, which isn’t supposed to be my Endowment as a Sentient. Even my soul mate doesn’t realize that. It’s remnant from being a Vampire, so I thought it would go away when…well…that’s for another time. But, needless to say, it hasn’t. 

Do you prefer slow or intense love making?

HAH! That’s, that’s a tough one. I really prefer them both, to be honest. It depends on my mood, though. Also, love-making is always intense. Especially when I can hardly stop from using my energy to up the ante on things. 

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

It would be this: 

To vote for WILLIAM MADDOX for your Smart-assed and Enigmatic Book Boyfriend, go to Love Between the Sheets, find this character, and place your vote: