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SEDUCTIVE SECRECY by Marni Mann: Review & Giveaway


An Erotic Contemporary Romance 

Release Date: October 24, 2013


“We were two broken souls who had found each other in a world of shadows. We were held together by a connection of secrets, dark and fearful and reluctant to leave. Their depth was seductive and overwhelming, an endless ocean of black that threatened to cover the brilliance we kept reaching for with each other.”

With her art career flourishing and the mansion predators no longer a threat, Charlie is creating a new life. Her desires have changed, and she has a chance at a healthy, loving relationship with Cameron—if they can bury the memories and doubts that plague them.

Can they overcome the destruction of their clouded pasts, or will the revelation of more painful, shocking secrets pull them back into the shadows?

**This book is for mature audiences. It contains explicit language and sexual content.


I lifted my arm out of the comforter and placed my fingers on top of his. I couldn’t stop the guilt that washed through me. I had questioned Cameron’s feelings. I had thought that maybe he still wished I was wearing my mask, or maybe that he wanted me to put one back on. And now I knew none of that was true. 

“I need to ask you something,” I said, squeezing his hand, “and I need you to be completely honest with me when you answer.”  

He nodded. “Always.” 

Now I was the one who was holding on. “You’re not going to lose interest now that you’ve—” 

“Never,” he said interrupting me. 

“But you’ve gotten what you wanted now. What else is there?” 

“That’s where you’re wrong, Charlie. You haven’t given me everything that I want.” 

“I haven’t?” I couldn’t imagine what might have been missing. 

He exhaled through his nose and shook his head. Then he lifted his hand and rubbed it over my cheek. The intensity in his touch hadn’t diminished at all. It was even more severe than before. But behind all that raw emotion was a softness that was pushing its way to the surface. “I’m not talking about your body.” His thumb went to my lip, dragging it out from my teeth. “It’s true that I’m as insatiable as you, and that no matter how many times I have you, it isn’t enough. I want you again…and again. And every time, you give me that.” I didn’t understand what else there was. “What you haven’t given me all of is…your love.”


Star Rating: 4.5 stars!

Heat Rating:  HOT HOT!

*This is NOT a stand-alone book!  If you haven't read Seductive Shadows (Shadows #1), please do so before reading this review or the book, you really don't wan't to spoil anything about this series!*

Marni Mann can write one hot, erotic, sensual book that dives into the darker side of things, creating a story that is so beautifully written that you are caught up in its whirlwind and taken for one hell of a ride!

Seductive Secrecy, took my breath away!  I gobbled it up in one night and stayed up much later wishing I had more time with Charlie and Cameron.  Seductive Shadows (book 1) was such a crazy-amazing book that took me on such an emotional journey that I was fearful of reading the sequel.  I should have NEVER doubted Ms. Mann, she knows what she is doing and delivered one of the best sequels I have read in a long time!

Seductive Secrecy lets us get to know Charlie and Cameron.  We get to get into their lives and see how they are making it as a couple and how they are dealing with life after the "mansion".  I LOVED getting into Charlie's art more, seeing how she created and dealt with clients, it was great to see her gaining success in the art world after such a dark past.   Cameron is still a bit of a mystery but we did get to see into his other relationships more during Seductive Secrecy, however, I am still holding out hope that we get one more book in this series that really dives into Cameron.  Charlie and Cameron are two characters that I have come to love and I would love to continue reading about (I would not say no to a book about Dallas either)

Ugh! (no spoilers) I can't say more but WOW, your heart is going to shatter with some of the twists and surprising revelations in this book!  Honestly, there was one point in the book that I gasped out loud and my heart stopped.  Marni Mann, definitely has a way of getting you invested in her characters, you feel right along with them, their highs and the lows and makes you understand that sometimes you have to survive the dark to learn how to savor the light. 

I HIGHLY recommend this series.  It is dark, gritty, raw and just plain amazing.  Your heart will be taken on quite the ride!  Seductive Secrecy, surpassed my expectations (and they were high) and still managed to shock me with its twists and turns.  Marni Mann is a writer that I will automatically buy, her words resonate and her stories will linger on your mind (and in your heart).   Go grab Seductive Secrecy (and Seductive Shadows if you haven't read that either) get comfy and be prepared to get lost in this story about Charlie and Cameron!

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A New Englander at heart, Marni Mann, now a Floridian is inspired by the sandy beaches and hot pink sunsets of Sarasota. She taps a mainstream appeal and shakes worldwide taboos, taking her readers on a dark and breathtaking journey. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop, she’s scouring for chocolate, traveling, reading, or walking her four-legged children.

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