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$50 gift card and a copy of AWAKENING SOPHY Boxed Set FLASH GIVEAWAY by Bianca James


by: Bianca James

Release Date: December 6, 2013

*** An Amazon Top 50 Best Seller ***
The Amazon Best Selling Awakening Sophy Series from award winning author Bianca James is now available in one complete boxed set.

This Hot, Edgy Erotica Boxed Set Includes:
Stranger Addiction
Public Obsession
Triple Delight
Pole Position
Midnight Ménage
More Triple Delight (Special Bonus Story)

** Warning: This highly erotic, 62,000 word boxed set, is suitable for adults only (18+) as it contains many explicit sex scenes between consenting adults, sex fantasies, graphic language, elements of BDSM, oral sex, spanking, rough sex and anal play **

Stranger Addiction
Is it wise to share dark, erotic fantasies with a total stranger?
Sophy thought it was – Until she found herself blindfolded in a candlelit bedroom with a mysterious stranger approaching, very slowly, up the stairs.
Now it’s too late. He’s coming and he knows every sordid detail of her dirty little fantasy.
The pretty, yet demure Sophy is about to be awakened in a way she could never have imagined.

Public Obsession
Sophy was satisfied with her cloistered existence. You couldn’t get hurt again if you kept to yourself. Right?
Then The Stranger entered her home, and Sophy.
After exposing a highly erotic, insatiable part of her that she had never been aware of, what is she to do?
She can try to go back to her old life, but it’s not that easy to put the Genie back into the bottle and when she meets the hard bodied, charismatic and commanding Rick, does she even want to try?
Is she really up to the challenge of satisfying her freshly awakened, ravenous appetite for erotic fantasy?

Triple Delight
It began as a friendly dinner invitation from her neighbors. Craig, the hot, investment banker and his old college buddy, Luke, the bodybuilding, muscle car driving, inked parolee.
Sharing some home cooked French cuisine, a few glasses of wine and a naughty dessert with a couple of guys who come from opposite sides of the track, was the plan for the night.
Even the erotic stories that have been melting Sophy’s Kindle recently look tame in comparison to the events that unfold during the evening, as Sophy pushes aside her shy, self-conscious demeanor to explore another smoldering, hot fantasy that has been stoked by her recent escapades.

Pole Position
It was only intended to be a fun way to stay in shape. At least that's how it started, when Sophy first enrolled at the Pole Dancing school.
Then an exhilarating offer to perform at an exclusive, underground Wall Street "Gentlemen's" club is made. A once in a lifetime opportunity to do something many women secretly fantasize about but would never do, even if they did have the chance.
Parker, the obscenely wealthy golden boy of Wall Street happens to be at the club that night and becomes enamored with Sophy from the moment he lays eyes on her. He can have his choice of women, but only one ignites the raw passion within him.
At first, Sophy dismisses Parker's generous proposal for a private performance. Then she starts to think about how she might make the most of the opportunity to fulfill yet another deeply erotic fantasy.

Midnight Ménage
It started out as a girl’s only night, just Sophy and her hot blond friend, Maddie. A few drinks and a few laughs.
That was the plan.
Then Craig, the hot Investment Banker from next door pays a visit ...

More Triple Delight

The HOT special bonus story!

Excerpt from Triple Delight:

A ferocious, almost predatory growl woke Sophy from a deep sleep. Interrupting a rather naughty dream, inspired by one of the Christina Palmer Naughty Housewives books she had been reading in bed the previous night. 
Grrrrrrrrrrrrowl! Grrrrrrrrrrrrowl! Grrrrrrrrrrrrowl!
Fully awake now, Sophy realized that the horrific growling sound was her neighbor, Craig, revving the ring out of his big, ugly Muscle Car. She’d heard it before, but never like this. This was way too intense for a Saturday morning. Just as well she was good friends with Craig and knew he wouldn’t be too upset if she went next door and told him to Shut the Fuck Up!
Pulling her sleep tousled hair into a ponytail, she looked about the floor for her sandals before pulling on a T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. A quick once over in front of the mirror and Sophy made her way down the stairs, ready to put Craig back in his box. There were many things Sophy would put up with. Being woken from her sleep and a horny dream wasn’t one of them. Someone was going to get a mouthful.
As she entered Craig’s front yard, the incessant growling started again, only now it seemed to fill the air with gas fumes and a vibration that jarred her through to her bones. Not impressed, Sophy strode purposefully toward the offending car. Seeing that the car was driverless, she assumed Craig was busy under the raised hood doing his “boy stuff”.
She drew closer to the car and soon realized that it wasn’t Craig’s. Not knowing a thing about cars, especially big, ugly muscle cars, she was somewhat surprised to realize that the big chrome Charger R/T badge actually meant something to her. Memories of an inter-office movie night began to filter through her single minded determination to yell at someone for waking her.
It was one of those Fast and Furious movies, she recalled, with the big, muscly bald guy and the other huge bodybuilder guy who looked like a walnut shoved into a condom. That was about all she remembered of the torturous experience, other than the boring idiot sitting beside her, constantly leaning over and giving her a running commentary on the various fast and noisy cars as they raced pointlessly across the screen. That and lots of things blowing up and way too much shooting.
Although she mostly ignored the guy, as she suspected his narration was more of an excuse to get close to her, one thing did stick in her mind—him saying Dodge Charger R/T over and over and the repeated use of the expression “440 cubic inches of Detroit muscle”. At the time, she had no idea what that all meant, but he seemed to think that he was impressing her with his knowledge.
Well, now she knew what 440 cubic inches of Detroit fucking muscle sounded and felt like. It was an experience she could have gone the rest of her life without. Primed for a confrontation, she walked around the front of the car.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” she yelled over the gurgling and hissing of the enormous engine.
He rose from the engine bay. Clad in a tight fitting T-shirt that barely seemed to contain his large, muscular chest, he held a heavy wrench in his hand and a small flashlight protruded from his mouth. It wasn’t Craig.
In fact, he couldn’t have been less Craig if he tried. This guy came from a world far removed from Craig’s Investment Banker side of the street. The way he looked, even his demeanor, screamed “parole violator” to Sophy as she surveyed him.
Ripped black jeans with a huge, ugly silver belt buckle accentuating his narrow waist, where it met his V shaped torso. Tribal ink emerging from the T-shirt sleeves, which looked to be straining against the bulging biceps. Forearms that looked like they were made of thick steel cables as he passed the wrench from one hand to the other.
Sophy wasn’t the only one doing some assessing—The Hulk, as she called him in her head, was fixated on her. More precisely, on her chest. Fearing she had her T-shirt on inside out or back to front, Sophy looked down to see what had The Hulk so transfixed.
Goddammit, she thought, as she realized she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples, still hard from her erotica inspired dream, were standing out like little pebbles against the thin, clinging material.
“Hi, I’m Luke,” he said, as he wiped the grease from his hand and offered it to Sophy, “Craig’s out back.”
Eeeeew! Like I’m gonna be touching that. No idea where it’s been and I bet dollars to donuts he’s not a post-bathroom hand washer.
“Thanks,” Sophy said, rather abruptly as she ignored the large, rough hand offered by The Hulk.
“My pleasure,” Luke smirked, reluctantly taking his eyes from her breasts long enough to check out Sophy’s slender, tanned legs.

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Meet the Author:

From the time she opened her Mom’s laptop as a small child and wrote her first story, Bianca James knew she wanted to be a writer, although her Mom probably wouldn’t approve of her current stories.
As an award winning freelancer, Bianca has made her mark in the world of magazine journalism over the past decade, during which time she has been a voracious reader of erotic fiction.
Now, she has found her true calling – writing hot, uncompromising and highly entertaining erotica.
With a penchant for sexual fantasies (yes, we all have them, even if we like to think that we don’t) Bianca’s stories are never predictable and always push the sexual boundaries to their limits, including some acts which many may regard as taboo. Never say never is a recurring theme in her stories as Bianca believes that exploring sexual boundaries can have a profound and exciting impact on other aspects of life.
Bianca enjoys her new calling with a passion and hopes you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she does writing them.