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Review, Excerpt & Giveaway: WALL OF TRUST by AJ Pryor


If you don’t know his name, could he be Mr. Right? That’s the million-dollar question for twenty-six year old Casey Jacobs. The up and coming stylist whose talent speaks for itself, doesn’t have the same eye for men as she does fashion. So when a sexy mystery man wants to trade numbers, but not names, she’s more than a little skeptical.

Wall of Trust is the enchanting modern-day romance by author AJ Pryor that explores whether you have to access a person’s identity to know his heart. When Casey meets a very attractive tech genius, she is keen to find out more about him. The catch: he’ll only divulge his name if she goes on a date with him. Still smarting from a past two-timing boyfriend, Casey is pretty sure the man with no name has something equally unsavory to hide.

As their lives intertwine, a woman arrives on the scene who might just force Casey to end their deepening romance. Is it time to toss him aside like last season’s stilettos? Find out in this sweet, flirtatious read that’s brimming with fun and heart.


I looked into his eyes wondering if he followed me out to the parking lot just to tell me it was his fault. He must have seen the confusion on my face as he shoved a brand-new coffee in my direction. “You said latte. Hopefully I got your order right…nonfat?” he asked with a grin.
Grabbing the coffee from him, I couldn’t help but take a breath and smile. “Thank you.” I took a sip and raised the cup toward him. “Perfect!”
“How did you get in front of all those other customers to get this to me so quickly?” I asked.
“I have my ways,” he said as he winked at me.
“I bet you do,” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.
“What?” he asked innocently.
“I know men like you. You flash your flawless grin, wink your eye, and women are putty in your hands. I bet you even gave whoever made this an extra large tip,” I said as I took another sip of the deliciously warm latte, for which my body was in desperate need.
Rubbing his jaw with his hand, he smiled at me. “So all I have to do is flash you a smile and wink a little, and you’ll be putty in my hands?” He started to move a little closer toward me.
I laughed. “I’m not like most women. You’ll have to work a lot harder to turn me to mush.” It was easier said than done. Just his presence alone had turned my insides into a twisted mess, but I was desperately trying to keep that hidden from him.
“Is that a challenge?” He took another step forward.
I shrugged my shoulders. “No, just a fact. I have to get going.” I needed to get away from this situation before I lost all self-control and did something I would regret, such as telling him how badly I wanted to nibble on his perfect lower lip. I could keep the nonchalant attitude up for only so long. I turned to get in my car, swinging the door open. It hit him directly in the chest, and he grunted in pain.
“Wow, twice in ten minutes. I think that’s a record for me. Are you all right?” I asked as I slowly turned around to see the damage I had just inflicted. My cool-girl attitude was quickly slipping away, and I could feel the blush spreading across my cheeks.
He was laughing, a deep, genuine laugh. “I’m fine. This has been the most excitement I’ve had in one morning in a long time. I’m MJ. What’s your name?”
I looked around the parking lot to see if anyone was noticing this exchange. How could the most beautiful man in the world be asking me for my name? Should I give it to him?
He continued to stare at me as if he was glued to the concrete. His eyes bore into mine, and I was having a hard time looking away.
He had a hand on the frame of my car door, and I couldn’t help but look at it. His fingers were long and slender. The veins running throughout the back of his hand led up his arm and told me he did more than yoga to keep himself in shape. I had an urge to run my finger along one of the veins, all the way up and under his shirt, to see where it took me. Realizing I was staring at his arm, I brought my gaze back to his. “MJ is not a name. Those are initials.”
He shrugged. “It’s what everyone calls me, and you still haven’t told me your name.”
Two could play at this game. I stared him directly in the eyes. “CJ.”
He started laughing again and leaned in a little closer. Clean laundry mixed with mint invaded my senses. I was startled at how the sudden aroma affected me. I wanted to reach up and run my fingers through his hair and nuzzle my nose in his neck to try to take his scent with me.
“Have lunch with me and I will tell you my full name.” His voice brought me back to the present, and I clenched my fists, ensuring that I would not act on my desire and run my hands through his hair.
“I can’t. I have an appointment…remember?” I brought my eyes up to meet his. “What about tomorrow?”


1.   The Monster. Eminem
2.   Safe and Sound.  Capital Cities. 
3.   General Oldies from Barry Manilow
4.   Everything has Changed. Taylor Swift
5.   Can't Fight This Feeling. REO Speedwagon
6.   Feel Again.  One Republic. 
7.   The Next Time I Fall Peter Cetera. 
8.   Applause  Lady Gaga
9.   All I Want Is  You  U2
10.  Whatever It Takes Lifehouse
11.  All Out of Love Air Supply
12.  Heaven Is A Place On Earth. Belinda Carlisle.



I will admit that when I read the blurb to this story I was curious, but then I read the excerpt AJ Pryor sent along and I was dying to read more!  I couldn't wait to read more about these two characters and shifted some things around in my reading to get to this book faster.  I wasn't disappointed in bumping this one up and to find out that this is AJ Pryor's debut novel... I am VERY impressed!

AJ Pryor creates fantastic characters that aren't your typical cookie cutters, Casey is a stylist (which I found fascinating) and Mason was a tech genius (love a nerdy-hot hero).  The characters and dialogue (the cheesy music texts!!) are really what made this story special!  I loved the quirkiness of Casey and how she makes Mason work so hard to get that first date.  Mason was a puzzle, at first you expect him to be this uber-famous guy but then his layers start to peel back and you just want to crawl inside him and stay awhile (especially at his beach house).   The witty, sassy and fun banter between this cast of characters was a joy to read and it was easy to get lost in the story.   My only hang-up was how needy and insecure Casey would get at times (she got a bit judgeypants at times with Mason's past) and even though the angst/drama was a bit much towards the end I will DEFINITELY be on the look out for more from AJ Pryor!

Wall of Trust had me laughing out loud, cringing with embarrassment and remembering that feeling of first falling in love (all the luscious/addicting feelings that come with that).  AJ Pryor really tapped into something special with this story, letting the romance show through the story along with bringing the heat.  I can't wait to see what AJ Pryor comes out with next!  

Wall of Trust is a great book to spend an evening with; go grab a tasty beverage, get comfy and enjoy Speedy and Hot Yoga Man!



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AJ Pryor is an avid reader of romance, new adult, and young adult novels. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters, who all know she needs her Kindle close by at all times. When not reading or writing, or subconsciously studying the dynamics of young couples, you can find her at the yoga studio, the beach, or at the soccer field with her girls.  AJ secretly watches The Voice with her daughters, while reaching for a glass of wine so she can admire Adam Levine.  Pryor firmly believes Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey come to life and will fight anyone that disagrees.  Wall of Trust is her debut novel.



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