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LESSONS IN FOREVER by Julie Raust: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway



A BBW Contemporary Erotic Romance

Widowed at a young age, Rachel Halson has spent the last 20 years as the ultimate mother, volunteer and picture-perfect good girl—and she’s had enough. Now she wants to experience all things sexual. The only problem is that Rachel’s not sure she has it in her; fortunately, that changes the instant she meets Detective Mitch Lang.

Mitch is gruff, demanding and definitely not the type to break in a mild-mannered homemaker from Wyoming. However, after one taste of her, Mitch finds he wants nothing more than to teach the lovely Miss Halson all the naughty things he can do to her in his bed.

Luckily, Mitch and Rachel both want the same thing—sex. No strings, no emotions, just hot, wild sex . . . and lots of it.

But when casual begins to feel like commitment and a dirty cop threatens their relationship, Mitch and Rachel must decide if what they have is actually worth fighting for.

Warning: This book contains a mature sexy, alpha male hero who knows how to make a curvy woman scream in bed, on a table, against a wall, on the floor and anywhere else he pleases. Its spicy sex scenes may be too hot for some to handle, and there’s no lack of four-letter words. Luckily one of them is 'love'.



He watched all the color drain from Rachel’s face while she scanned the dozens of condoms and two sealed tubes of lube as they tumbled onto the wooden surface. He smiled smugly—time for her to lose the innocent act.
“Oh. My. God. I’m going to kill him,” she hissed quietly, her hand at her mouth, covering her shock. “I . . . those aren’t . . . wait a minute? You . . . think I’m a prostitute?”
Damn, she was good. “The innocent act only works on me once, Rachel, so you can drop it. I asked you a question. How much was Kyle paying you?”
“I . . . he wasn’t! Those aren’t even mine!” she squealed, desperate for Mitch to believe her. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Believe it, Miss Halson,” he slowly unsnapped the tab on pouch that kept his handcuffs secured to his belt, “because it’s not too late to take that ride to the station.”
Rachel’s eyes darted from his face to the cuffs and back again. Her complexion paled, and she chewed on her lip nervously.
The seemingly innocent gesture caused alarm bell’s to go off in Mitch’s head, his cock to harden painfully and—for a brief instance—he almost felt sorry for her fate.
“Please, Officer Lang, I’m telling the truth . . .”
Detective Lang,” Mitch interrupted, sure that revealing his rank would further intimidate her. A detective was a whole lot more trouble for a hooker than the average officer, and yet she didn’t seem fazed by his declaration. “You expect me to believe that you went to that party with a purse full of condoms and lube, but had no intention of getting fucked? Nice try, Miss Halson.” He opened the metal cuffs, taking one of her wrists in his hand and clicked it in place.
“Oh god. I can’t get arrested for prostitution,” she mumbled.


Her plea seemed to have no effect on the angry man cuffing her. For the first time that night Rachel feared the handsome law officer. In her small front hall, his broad shoulders, muscled arms and long thick legs dwarfed Rachel’s larger-than-average frame, threatening to engulf her.
With the second metal bracelet secured, he leaned down close to her ear, so close she could feel his warm breath tickling her flesh. “Well, you’re in luck,” the man rasped almost seductively, “because I’m gonna make you an offer, Miss Halson. And you should know that I don’t ever make such offers, so think very wisely before you make your decision.”
He turned her back around to face him, and she noted that his angry scowl only served to add to his already brooding good looks. He looked dangerous and Rachel couldn’t stop a shiver from running through her. Taking her chin in his hand, he forced her head up to ensure he had her full attention. In the dim light, his silver eyes called to her, calming her, while at the same time causing her pulse to quicken. “We can take that ride downtown, you’ll get arrested and most likely spend the rest of the evening in jail, or you can work off some of Kyle’s money right here, Miss Halson, on your knees.”
It took a few breaths for Rachel to comprehend the implications of his offer. Is he really offering me freedom at the price of a blow job? That is my penance? Relief washed over Rachel, and she released the breath she’d been holding, which seemed to add more lines to the detective’s brow.
Sucking on Detective Lang’s cock would not be a punishment for Rachel. She’d wanted a taste of him the minute she’d laid eyes on him. She’d planned to invite him in earlier, hoping for this very opportunity, but his no-nonsense dismissal made her hesitate. At the time, she’d thought maybe he was married or in a relationship; now the only thing that made her hesitate was the fact that he believed her to be a prostitute.
“Detective Lang—”
He interrupted, “Save your breath and your explanations, Miss Halson. All I want is your decision. Are we driving back to the station or are you gonna suck me off?...”



Lessons in Forever is a quick, HOT and entertaining novella.  Julie Raust knows how to kickstart a story and keep the interest going for chapters and chapters!  

Rachel and Mitch meet when both of them are ready to just let go and have a casual relationship based on sex, not love.  Lessons in Forever starts off with a great case of mistaken identity and takes off at a great pace!  Julie Raust does an excellent job of getting the story going and getting you into the minds of the characters.  The characters in this story are real people, with quirks, flaws and issues and you immediately connect with, especially Rachel.  Mitchell, while a sexy, foul mouthed cop takes some time to fall in love with, once he opens up you really start rooting for these two!

This is my second time reading Julie's work and I must say she is becoming a go to author for a quick, hot read and emotional read about REAL women.  Lessons in Forever,  is a novella that gives you a complete story but at the same time will leave you wanting more from these characters.  I can't wait to see what Julie Raust writes next!  Julie Raust is a great author to go to when you need a quick read that will get your pulse racing, make you laugh out loud and make you want to go out and find a dirty-talking cop of your own!



I enjoy life in the suburbs of Toronto. When I'm not reading or writing I'm a full time referee and problem solver for three crazy awesome kids. I love a happily ever after and was lucky enough to find one of my own with my husband/ best friend. My favorite books include, sexy alpha heroes, blue collar men, shifters, wolves, cowboys and lots and lots of sexy dialog.



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