Monday, June 9, 2014

**Review & Giveaway** 21 DAYS (Time for Love #2) by Bethany Lopez



21 Days was my first book by Bethany Lopez and it was a fast, sweet read that was easy to pick up and enjoy in one sitting.  TJ and Sasha are a part of a group of best friends that are finally exploring the "friends with benefits" side to their friendship.  I have always been a fan of friends to lovers story lines and this one was no exception.  

Bethany Lopez delivers a steamy story of two friends "testing" the waters for 21 days.  The relationship that forms between TJ and Sasha seems to develop really fast and I was left craving more depth to these characters.  We do get to see what their childhood backgrounds were like but sometimes the pacing was just too fast and with all the other secondary characters involved I found my focus was all over the place instead of on TJ and Sasha.  I wanted to explore the "falling in love" stage a bit more.

21 Days is book #2 in the Time for Love series, but I didn't realize that until I started reading.  You can definitely read and enjoy 21 Days as a stand alone (like I did) but I think if I would have read 8 Weeks, book #1, first I would have gotten the background information on the characters that I felt was missing in 21 Days.  Bethany Lopez is creating a delightful series where all the characters will intermingle and mesh together in each story, so if you are thinking of picking up 21 Days, I would suggest you pick up 8 Weeks first so you are completely immersed in this series.  I will definitely be adding 8 weeks to my to-read list, I am curious to see if reading this will add more depth to the characters and help me connect better to the story.

Bethany Lopez's writing is easy to read and the perfect amount of steam and romance.  If you are looking for a quick, sweet read that won't fill you with drama and angst, then 21 Days is a perfect way to spend a few hours. 


Sasha and TJ are no strangers to enjoying sex with no strings attached, so when they decide to act on their mutual attraction, there should be no reason why they can’t apply that same philosophy to each other.

Money has never been an issue for Sasha, which made proving herself as a real estate dynamo a personal challenge she was determined to conquer. Raised in a gilded world masking neglect and disappointment, she learned not to depend on anyone, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Men are great for companionship, but she isn’t looking for anything serious.

Used to going without, TJ has worked hard to be able to support himself. When he loses his job and his home in one fell swoop, he faces relying on others for the first time in his adult life. Then Sasha steps in, offering him a place to stay until he’s back on his feet. He grudgingly agrees, but vows to be out of her guest room within 21 days.

They'll discover that a lot can change in 21 days, especially when they decide to give the idea of "friends with benefits" a try. As each day passes, Sasha and TJ become closer than they’ve ever been. Will they be able to go back to being just friends when their days together are up, or will they allow their personal hang-ups to get in the way of what they really cherish most?


I decided it was time to pay attention to my date.
“What are you in the mood for?” I asked in her ear, as my hand traveled under the table to her leg. Her breath hitched when my fingers made contact and I began to make my way under the hem of her dress. I watched her try to school her features as the waiter asked what she’d like to drink.
“A dirty martini, please,” she replied somewhat huskily, clearing her throat to try to mask it.
I leaned in a little closer and lowered my voice a couple notches. “You want it dirty?”
I pulled back before I drew attention to what I was doing, but not before I saw her smile naughtily and give a slight nod.
“So,” Victoria began, drawing my attention to her from across the table. “This is new, right? How long have you been seeing each other?”
I kept my face neutral as my hand crept farther up Sasha’s thigh. “Just about a week, I guess, right, Red?” I asked, turning innocently to her. Her cheeks were a little rosy, and her breathing was becoming shallower with every touch of my fingers.
“Ummm-hmmm,” was all she managed, causing me to chuckle as I turned to Victoria. “She’s so excited about being with me, she can barely form a coherent sentence.”
“Ow,” I said with a laugh as the heel of Sasha’s shoe came down on my foot.
“You okay?” Scott asked, looking from my face to Sasha’s, his eyes narrowed.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I just have this issue with my foot. Sasha, can you come with me for a moment?” I asked, moving my fingers from her lap and pulling her skirt down.
“Of course,” Sasha said with a smile for the group as we excused ourselves from the table.
We walked back inside, and I let my eyes rove the room as I searched for a private nook or cranny … any place that had a semblance of privacy. I reached behind me and pulled Sasha into a closet in the back corner by the bathrooms. I shut the door behind us and locked it, turning on the light to check out surroundings, and turning them back off when I found that we were in a supply closet.
“What are you doing?” Sasha asked, her voice full of excitement.

“Exactly what you expected me to do when you decided to come out without underwear on,” I muttered before I pushed her back up against the door and fused my mouth to hers.



Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.



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