Wednesday, August 20, 2014

**Review** ANDREAS - DUBAI Volume One (Club Pluto) by Bella Ross @writerbellaross


The Billionaire Doms of Club Pluto:

These billionaire's are part of an elite circle, members of Club Pluto, where their dark and kinky natures come to play...

One determined Journalist….

Freelance journalist, Genevieve Parker, has just been handed the biggest story of her career. But there’s one problem…Going undercover as a submissive in one of the most exclusive BDSM clubs in the world was more than she bargained for. But that’s nothing compared to the man she meets there. Andreas Contos. Her assignment. Gorgeous. Powerful. Mysterious. Genevieve is fascinated…intrigued. But does her intense attraction and willingness to go places with him she’s never gone before sexually really have to do with writing her exposé? Feeling confused and overwhelmed, every instinct tells her to run before her professional facade comes crashing down...before she has to choose between obligation and desire...

One elusive billionaire…

Greek billionaire, Andreas Contos, is more than he seems. Between the powerful company he keeps and the secrets that lurk behind closed doors, trusting anyone is out of the question – especially the lush and sensual woman he just met. But there is something different about Genevieve – a guarded nature he’s anxious to penetrate. Unable to resist her, Andreas proceeds in taking her under his wing for the night to show her his world – a world of exquisite pleasure. As the two of them get deeper in exploring the eroticism of mind and body, danger watches them from the shadows…

**Vol 1 in a three part BDSM/Erotic Romance Serial.**



Over the weekend I was sent an email asking to promote Andreas-Dubai: Volume One this weekend during it sale promotion (this book is FREE today).  At first I was just going to promote the sale on my Facebook page, but something about the synopsis drew me in and I decided to pick up the novella as well (it is FREE, so no guilt, right?)  Usually when I decide to grab up a free book it sits in my Kindle for a long time until I hear about the book more or I just have "free time" to read it.  Somehow, the stars aligned and I was able to read this novella today.  (I literally just finished it and decided to review it while my kids were at school).  Lately, if I read a book of my own choosing (meaning I wasn't requested to read or part of a tour) I am really terrible about putting the review up anywhere but on GoodReads (I know, I am working on getting better about that).  However, since I gobbled up this quick read and was about to dive in to Andreas Dubai: Vol Two, I thought I would do a quick review so if you wanted to catch this FREE sale today you can!  

Bella Ross is a new author for me, I have never read her books and had honestly never heard of her.  The title of the book threw me for a bit (it is a long one) but once I read the blurb I instantly wanted to read more.  Andreas - Dubai: Volume One is under a hundred pages, and usually I am not going to pick that up but I am really glad that the call of a FREE book sucked me in!  I really enjoyed this novella!  The setting is unique (Dubai, India) and I liked the idea of Club Pluto, an exclusive club for wealthy men to live out their desires, but what really got me was Genevieve's role in all this.  She is a reporter sent to expose Andreas Contras.  I had to pick this up and read to see how this all was going to go down in under 100 pages.  Well, it turns out this is a three part series so in Andreas - Dubai Volume One you really get the tension filled set up getting to know Andreas and Genevieve, the tease to what could be a crazy hot encounter and the intense ending!!  Holy cow I need to start Volume Two soon! (It is out now, thank goodness)

I really enjoyed this novella.  It was a quick read, that didn't feel rushed.  Bella Ross gives you everything you need to feel like you are in the middle of the story and then adds a few splashes of intrigue to keep you guessing along with some crazy tension to keep you flipping pages.  Andreas is a Dom, but he has layers and I am really curious to get to know his character more.  Genevieve is growing on me, she is resistant to the the pull of Club Pluto and the dominant side to Andreas, she is there for her story, but watching her struggle against the allure that is this lifestyle (and Andreas) was fun to read.  

Andreas - Dubai: Volume One is a great start to what I hope will be a very hot and intriguing series!  It is FREE until today (August 20th) and then goes back to $0.99, so I definitely would grab this up while you can.  Bella Ross is on my radar now and I will be diving into Andreas - Dubai: Volume Two right now as well as looking up her backlist!  If you are in the mood for a story that will entice you, keep you guessing and leave you wanting more 1-click this soon!



Andreas - Dubai: Volume Two:


Bella Ross is a writer with many passions, two of which are writing and travelling. She wrote her first book (a novel) at eighteen a la Jackie Collins. But back then, unbeknownst to her, life was about to take her on a detour. As she set off on her new course, her dream of writing took a backseat and her entrepreneurial spirit flourished instead. But after many years of worldly pursuits, the urge to write returned and the time was right to follow her bliss.

She believes its never too late to follow your dreams/bliss.

Her books/stories are her first attempt at erotic romance. She loves the genre and its endless creative possibilities. She likes pairing bold and dynamic (Alpha) men with sexy and strong women – which in her opinion - make for a hot and sizzling combination. With her love of travel, it is no surprise that her 'Wanderlust Series' take place in glamorous capitals or exotic locales around the world. Its the perfect backdrop/setting for her characters to explore and indulge their lusts and passions, loves and desires.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, or gallivanting all over seeking new inspiration, or people watching while enjoying a latte at Starbucks and jotting down ideas.