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**New Release & Giveaway** ALEXIS BY NIGHT 2 by Bianca James


Bestselling author Bianca James brings spicy, erotic romance to new heights in the second book of her Alexis by Night series.

*** The third and final part will be released in 2 weeks ***

Trent Hudson: High profile, soon to be billionaire and corporate magnate has a dark secret which could ruin is corporate empire.

Alexis: Mom-turned-escort knows his dirty little secret. Will she keep his confidence?

Mark: There is more to this successful, enigmatic, hard bodied and likeable rogue than his easy going nature, emerald green eyes and soft curls might suggest. Lauryn has already had an addictive taste of what he can offer her in the bedroom. But, does she want more?

Lauryn: Has captured the hearts of both men, under vastly different circumstances and they both desire her. Can she choose between them?

**Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and explicit sexual content


Chapter One

His body pressed against hers, pinning her against the smooth, cold wall of the elevator as it climbed rapidly to the penthouse suite. The nerves in her shoulders and neck came alive, as if electrically charged by Mark’s warm breath as he caressed her ear and her exposed neck ever so lightly, with no more than a brush of his lips. Lauryn knew it was wrong and knew she had to stop before it went too far. But she couldn’t. His intoxicating aroma and close proximity overpowered her - despite every fiber of her being screaming for her to get out of there.
“Mark, I’m sorry. I can’t. Really. I ….,” the words caught in Lauryn’s throat as Mark caressed her ear once again with his soft lips.
“Can’t what?” he teased, as he ran the tip of his tongue across her ear, “you were saying?”
“I just can’t,” she whimpered.
Pulling away from his embrace, she felt more in control as she took his arms and reluctantly directed them away from her body. Almost instantly, there was sense of loss as she let go of him, breaking the spell she felt had enveloped her as soon as they had entered the elevator.
“I hope I haven’t spoiled your night by giving you the wrong idea. I’m happy to come up for a drink or two, but that’s all. You get that, don’t you?”
“So when you say a drink, you really mean just that. A drink. Right?”
“Yes,” she smiled, “that’s exactly what I mean. I know what that usually means for a guy like you, but this time, that really is all it’s going to be. I’m serious.” Her eyes narrowed to further make her point.
“A guy like me? What’s that supposes to mean?” he grinned.
“You know exactly what I mean. Don’t play Mr. Innocent with me. I’m onto you,” she poked her finger at his chest, enjoying how hard and lean he felt, yet wishing she hadn’t noticed.


Thanks for making my life even more complicated, she thought as she recalled how unrelenting Anita had been in trying to orchestrate a date between her and Mark, the friend of a guy she was dating.
When Anita told her he was a Deconstruction Engineer, Lauryn rolled her eyes and gestured as if stabbing herself in the eye with a fork. She didn’t know what a Deconstruction Engineer was and she was quite content to live the rest of her life without ever knowing.
Of course, that was before she actually met him. Although he was hard bodied and clearly very fit, he was a far cry from the calloused, bearded, sun baked construction worker stereotype she had in mind when Anita first mentioned him in a blatant attempt to arrange an introduction. Recently, Anita had been pretty busy with her pet project, the objective of which was to get Lauryn to socialize and possibly date someone. She was determined to prove that there was a life to be enjoyed outside of the office. As one of Lauryn’s closest friends, she felt it was her sworn duty to help fill the void left behind when Jane left home to attend college.
“He’s gorgeous,” Anita had described him enthusiastically over a coffee one lunch time.
“Just what I don’t need, thanks for asking,” Lauryn raised her hand, rejecting Anita’s ardent sales pitch. “Really? Do you think I’ve got nothing better to do than try to make intelligent conversation with some roustabout who can’t even form a coherent sentence?”
“First off the bat, Honey,” Anita said with a condescending pat on Lauryn’s arm, “a roustabout is an oil rig worker and does anyone even use that word these days?”
“Well, you know what I mean.”
“And secondly,” Anita continued, ignoring the interruption, “he’s actually quite well read and holds his own during dinner conversation. He’s been out with us a few times and I’ve seen and heard enough to know you’d get along famously with him.”
“I’m so not interested. I really have got a life, you know. A busy one and I’m not looking for someone to spoon feed me a social calendar.”
“Busy? Doing what? What life? You work. You go home. Then you come back to work, again. You haven’t even been with us for drinks after work on a Friday in God knows how long. So, what exactly is it that keeps you too busy to join Tim and me on a double date with a delicious, oops, did I say delicious? I mean delightful guy?”
Lauryn knew she was on the verge of defeat. Any effort to make up a cover story was going to lead to a hastily constructed tale that would come unglued within seconds under Anita’s razor sharp cross-examination. Telling the truth about living out her fantasies after hours wasn’t an option. Only one course of action remained. Capitulate and let her have her way. It was only a blind date, after all. What could possibly come of it?

Besides, once he’s exhausted his intimate knowledge of pneumatic hammers and drills or whatever the fuck he uses, his eyes will glaze over when I start to tell him what I do for a living and that, as they say, will be that. Game over. Then, just maybe, Anita will leave me the hell alone.



From the time she opened her Mom’s laptop as a small child and wrote her first story, Bianca James knew she wanted to be a writer, although her Mom probably wouldn’t approve of her current stories.
As an award winning freelancer, Bianca has made her mark in the world of magazine journalism over the past decade, during which time she has been a voracious reader of romance and erotic fiction.
Now, she has found her true calling – writing hot, uncompromising and highly entertaining erotic romance.
With a penchant for sexual fantasies (yes, we all have them, even if we like to think that we don’t) Bianca’s stories are never predictable and always push the sexual boundaries to their limits, including some acts which many may regard as taboo. Never say never is a recurring theme in her stories as Bianca believes that exploring sexual boundaries can have a profound and exciting impact on other aspects of life.
Bianca enjoys her new calling with a passion and hopes you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she does writing them.
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