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Bestselling author Bianca James takes spicy, erotic romance to new heights in this stunning conclusion to the Alexis by Night trilogy.

Trent Hudson, the flawed, high profile billionaire is used to getting his own way and doesn't like to hear the word 'no'. Lauryn knows his dark secret and has felt the wraith of his sinister side. Yet, she is still drawn to him by a force she doesn't understand and can't control.

Mark, the lithe, hard bodied former construction worker turned property developer has captured Lauryn with his charming, roguish nature and given her a taste of what could be.

Must Lauryn choose between two men who desire her so single-mindedly? 

Jacinta wants to give her husband and love of her life, Frank, the most amazing and unforgettable birthday gift he could ever wish for? Is Alexis ready for the challenge? Can Jacinta handle watching him enjoy another woman?

Start reading this exciting new trilogy now and find out why readers and reviewers alike are talking about Bianca James

**Recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and explicit sexual content



Trent Hudson swaggered into the boardroom radiating confidence. He had every right to feel that way as he was finally pulling the right strings to get what he so strongly desired. After all, hadn’t he manipulated the board into ensuring his continued professional relationship with Lauryn by threatening to find another brokerage firm to underwrite the public float of Hudson Biotech, the family company of which he was CEO?
Was it really all about her, he had wondered earlier in the day, when he set up the meeting. Was it just his raw carnal instincts firing on all cylinders that drew him to her or could there be something more? Surely his irreparably damaged heart wasn’t ready to feel something, perhaps even love, again? No. Of course not. He’d closed the door on that a long time ago, after his wife died, and embarked on a lifestyle that would keep him satisfied and make him unworthy to be loved again. By anyone.
What were the chances that the one person who might reignite his true passion might also be the same person who couldn’t really judge him for his lifestyle choices as she, herself, walked the opposite side of the same flawed path? Incalculable was his conclusion when trying to figure the odds. That’s how he knew he had to follow this through. He had to do everything within his not insignificant power to win her over. He desired her with a burning passion. He had to have her.
Trent Hudson had always been a man used to getting his own way. That’s how he built his father’s small research laboratory into a multinational pharmaceutical corporation and how he remained the CEO and majority shareholder. With his NASDAQ listing assuring him a billion dollar pay day, Hudson was about to become a man with the means to attain anything his heart desired.
“Are you happy now?” Lauryn remained seated as he entered the room.
“Why shouldn’t I be happy? I have much to be happy about. Not the least of which is the biggest drug company float this city has seen since it took the economy on a ride down a sewer of greed and corruption.”
“You know what I mean. Me. Are you proud of yourself for manipulating me and blackmailing the firm into having me at your beck and call?” she hissed.
“Now, now. No need to be rude and unladylike. We both know you wanted this as much as I did.”
“I wanted no such thing. Damn you, Hudson. This isn’t a game. People’s livelihoods are at stake here, including mine and my daughter’s.”
He moved around the boardroom table with a stealthy, predatory stride, his menacing eyes glaring at her. Lauryn trembled as he walked behind her chair and then stopped. The soft rustle of his superbly tailored jacket hinted that he might be reaching out to her.
If he lays one finger on me, I swear, I’ll slap the bastard and damn the consequences.
Slowly, he continued past her, until he reached a chair at the head of the table and sat down.
A feeling of relief swept over Lauryn, but to her utter dismay, she was overwhelmingly disappointed that he didn’t lay his large, forceful hand on her shoulder. She felt rejected, yet relieved at the same time. As she tried to process her conflicted emotions, she became aware that the tingling warmth of anticipation that had started to spread from her stomach to her sex was rapidly replaced by a feeling of emptiness and longing.
This can’t be good, she thought as she shifted in her chair and felt how aroused she had become at his approach.



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From the time she opened her Mom’s laptop as a small child and wrote her first story, Bianca James knew she wanted to be a writer, although her Mom probably wouldn’t approve of her current stories.
As an award winning freelancer, Bianca has made her mark in the world of magazine journalism over the past decade, during which time she has been a voracious reader of romance and erotic fiction.
Now, she has found her true calling – writing hot, uncompromising and highly entertaining erotic romance.
With a penchant for sexual fantasies (yes, we all have them, even if we like to think that we don’t) Bianca’s stories are never predictable and always push the sexual boundaries to their limits, including some acts which many may regard as taboo. Never say never is a recurring theme in her stories as Bianca believes that exploring sexual boundaries can have a profound and exciting impact on other aspects of life.
Bianca enjoys her new calling with a passion and hopes you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she does writing them.
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