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**Review, Excerpt & Giveaway** THE SPACE BETWEEN (The Walshes #2) by Kate Canterbary


Some lines are meant to be crossed. 

That hair. That fucking hair. It was everywhere, always, and I wanted to tangle my fingers in those dark curls and pull. And that would be fine if she wasn't my apprentice.

Andy Asani was nothing like I expected. She was exotic and scary-brilliant, and the slightest murmur from those lips sent hot, hungry lust swirling through my veins. Outside my siblings, she was the only person I could name who shared my obsession with preserving Boston's crumbling buildings.

My wants were few: good eats, tall boots, hot yoga, interesting work. One incredibly hot architect with the most expressive hazel eyes I ever encountered and entirely too much talent in and out of the bedroom wasn't part of the original plan. Apparently he was part of the package.

Wine was my rabbi and vodka was my therapist, and I needed plenty of both to survive my apprenticeship. Especially with Patrick Walsh leaving love notes in the form of bite marks all over my body.


"You've been staring at me for two hours." Andy crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against the sink. It was an observation delivered with the same tenor she used to order an iced green tea. Lemon, no sweeteners.
God, I wanted her. I wanted all of her, and I knew at that moment I'd give up most anything to get out of my Bermuda Triangle and have her. 
"Yeah, I was wondering…did you decide if you have room in your weekend for fried clams?"
"I don't know yet."
"When will you know?" I asked.
"When you tell me why you have me under surveillance."
I glanced at the expanse of bare skin from the plunging neckline of her sweater up to her jaw, and I remembered the way her body reacted to my teeth on her ear. Setting my beer bottle down, I pushed away from the wall and approached Andy until we were a breath apart.
I shrugged. "I stare because you don't give me much else." My knuckles grazed her upper arm and I waited for her to push me away or tell me to stop.
"You walked away from me," she said hotly, her head cocked. 
That's how she saw it? Fantastic.
I lifted my hands to her face and kissed her, pouring all of my frustration and misery and desire into the tangle of our lips. I tasted the tart cherriness of Andy. My hands went to her hair, angling her head to take more, taste more, tell more. I needed her to know everything I wasn't able to put into words, all the things I couldn't explain or understand myself. 
It wasn't enough to weave my fingers through her hair and consume her mouth. I wanted her skin in my hands. Her waist was slim and silken where my fingers kneaded her beneath her sweater. She must have craved the same contact because her fingers slipped between my sweater and shirt. As she pried open the buttons of my shirt, her touch was a searing reminder of what I missed this past week. 
Breaking our connection, I gazed into Andy's heated eyes and smiled when I saw her beautiful and flustered. She was different, at once dark and light, and a warm flush hinted at her cheeks. 

"There you are," I whispered, my hands framing her face, my thumbs stroking her delicate cheekbones. 



The Space Between is my first Kate Canterbary book and it will definitely not be my last!!  I fell in love with Kate's writing style and her witty, engaging dialogue.  The Space Between is book two in the Walshes series, but it can be read as a standalone.  This series is about a group of siblings so each book while connected and intertwined is really easy to pick up and read where you want.  However, I am dying to get my hands on Lauren and Matt's story in Underneath It All after getting a taste of them in The Space Between!  

The Space Between is the story of growly, set in his ways Patrick and determined and independent Andy.  The sparks between  these characters started on page one!  I loved the way Kate Canterbary took these two and instantly put them in an interesting mix (you can feel the sexual tension through your e-reader).  The tension, the struggles and the bonding over food trucks was a delight to read.  I was instantly hooked!  Kate Canterbary has a great way with her words, creates amazingly rich characters and has crafted brilliant series about the Walsh family!  I am eagerly awaiting the next books that will be coming.

Patrick and Andy.  They were an interesting pair and really takes the office romance trope and makes it fresh again.  The rapid fire dialogue was spot on and the heat was HOT!  I really enjoyed getting the POV's of both characters and found myself really relating with Patrick.  I was frustrated with the puzzle that was Andy and like him, I couldn't figure her out.  Andy is a tough nut to crack and her character gives you very little information about herself, except for her drive to be the best at what she does.  She does things that make you scratch your head but she stays true to her style and I found myself wanting to dig into her mind and figure out how she ticked.  Whether this was on purpose or a delightful coincidence, I liked being frustrated with Andy's character and really wanting to know her more, so when she finally opens up it was a great moment that you can "share" with Patrick.

The Walshes are a family that I can't wait to get more of, in The Space Between there is a lot going on in their family life and baggage they are dealing with and Kate Canterbary did a wonderful job blending this part into the rest of the story without taking away or distracting us from the main point: Patrick and Andy.  I am a huge fan of series like this one is turning out to be, give me a large family with quirks, secrets and baggage and I am a happy reader.  Kate Canterbary is definitely an Author to watch! Her writing style is easy, addicting and I found myself knowing instantly (maybe within the first chapter) that she was going to be one of my new favorites!

If you have never picked up a Kate Canterbury book you must! If you like books that are witty, filled with delicious tension, have strong characters and has a story that is engaging, you can't go wrong with The Space Between.  If you have read Underneath it All, then you are in for a treat watching Patrick and Andy bond over food and fighting their sparks.  Go 1-click The Space Between!


Catch Up with the Walshes Series while you wait for the next Kate Canterbary release:

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Underneath It All (The Walshes, #1) 

If I had known I'd have a hot architect balls deep inside of me before the end of the weekend, I'd have made time for a pedicure.


It's all the little things—the action plans, the long-kept promises—that started falling apart when my life slipped into controlled chaos.

After I met Matthew Walsh.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to run screaming or rip his pants off, and most days I wanted a little of both. If I was being honest with myself, it was rip his pants off, ride him like a workhorse, and then run screaming.


A rebellious streak ran through Lauren Halsted. It was fierce and unrelentingly beautiful, and woven through too many good girl layers to count, and she wasn't letting anyone tell her what to do.

Unless, of course, she was naked.

She wasn't looking for me and I sure as shit wasn't looking for her, but we found each other anyway and now we were locked in a battle of wills, waiting for the other to blink.

Sometimes the universe conspires to bring people together. Other times, it throws people down a flight of stairs and leaves them in a bruised and bloodied heap.


Kate doesn't have it all figured out, but this is what she knows for sure: spicy-ass salsa and tequila solve most problems, living on the ocean--Pacific or Atlantic--is the closest place to perfection, and writing smart, smutty stories is a better than any amount of chocolate. She started out reporting for an indie arts and entertainment newspaper back when people still read newspapers, and she has been writing and surreptitiously interviewing people—be careful sitting down next to her on an airplane—ever since. Kate lives on the water in Rhode Island with Mr. Canterbary and the Little Baby Canterbary, and when she isn't writing sexy architects, she's scheduling her days around the region's best food trucks.


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