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All FIVE novellas in PLAY ME by Tracy Wolff, a sizzling new serial from Random House Loveswept, are out NOW!

In the seductive all new eBook original serial from the New York Times bestselling author of Ruined and Addicted, a woman running from her past has finally found a bit of control . . . until her powerful new boss makes her go wild.

My name is Aria Winston. I’ve fought desperately to make my own life, away from the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas. Now I’m on my own, in control of my own life and my own destiny . . . just the way I like it. Until Sebastian Caine changes everything.

Working as a cocktail waitress at one of Vegas’s hottest five-star casinos means putting up with a ton of bad behavior from the big spenders. But it pays the bills—and that’s all that matters to Aria as she needs every last dollar to escape from her father’s destructive grasp and the brutal man he expects her to marry. But when she lashes out against a billionaire who won’t take no for an answer, she nearly loses everything—until Sebastian, steps in.  The owner’s son and handpicked successor, Sebastian is dark, sexy and kinder than any rich, powerful man should be.  And when he apologizes and offers to keep her job safe, , Aria can’t help the way her body reacts to his. But if the way her body instantly responds to his touch is any indication, what Aria really wants is Sebastian.  Suddenly her job, and the security it brings her, isn’t all that Aria wants …

Play Me is an erotic serial intended for mature audiences. Aria and Sebastian’s story continues in Play Me: Hot.

Check out all five serials out NOW!

**Fans of Wolff’s bestselling Ethan Frost series will be excited to learn that the characters in Play Me are closely connected to Ethan Frost and Chloe Girard from Addicted and Ruined—and that Ethan and Chloe make cameo appearances in Play Me. The third installment in the Ethan Frost series Exposed, coming February 2015, will feature the characters from both series.


When I get to his office, I check in with his secretary—an older woman with short hair and a sour expression that reminds me of the nuns at Our Lady of Lourdes, the all-girls Catholic school I attended all the way through my senior year in high school. She tells me to take a seat, but I ignore her. Instead, I wander over to the window and look out at the Strip far below me. From here it looks almost magical—the dirt and porn pamphlets and desperation are a million miles away.
I can’t help remembering a time when they were always a million miles away, a time when the glitter and the glam was all I knew of Las Vegas.
But that was a long time ago and there’s no use looking backward. Or at least, that’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it. As soon as I can get this damn paycheck and be on my way.
I brace myself for a long wait—I can’t believe a fired cocktail waitress is exactly high priority to Richard Caine—but barely a couple minutes pass before the nun in civilian clothing tells me to go in.
I head to the door leading to the office’s inner sanctum, but before I can so much as touch the knob, it swings open. And reveals a tall, well-built man with the broadest shoulders I’ve ever seen. A man who is very definitely not seventy-year-old Mr. Caine is standing there.
Our eyes meet as I cross the threshold, our bodies brushing in the narrow doorway. And for long seconds I can’t think, can’t breathe. Can’t do anything but stare as my carefully constructed don’t-give-a-shit attitude comes crashing down around my ears.
I don’t want him to see it, can’t let him see it, so I look him in the face, straight in the eyes, just like my mother taught me. But this time, it doesn’t work. This time all it does is make me shakier. Not because he’s a letch like that Russian bastard from last night, but because he isn’t.



Tracy Wolff is a new-to-me Author, I own the Ethan Frost series but somehow I have never sat down and read them, and after reading the Play Me series I will definitely be going diving into my TBR pile to look up Mr. Frost!  The Play Me series is comprised of five short stories that are seamless when read all in one chunk (like I did).  Each part is between 55-75 pages long and packs a lot of story and HEAT in that short amount of space!  While I am not sure why this isn't being sold as one whole book, I did really enjoy reading this series in parts.  Be warned, each part is like a potato chip, you can't stop at just one you are going to devour all five in one sitting.  (It may save you time to buy all five parts at once....)

Tracy Wolff!!  You are a dirty, amazing, story-telling mistress and I was enchanted with Sebastian and Aria characters.  Sebastian is a whole complicated bundle of emotion, control and sex appeal.  I wanted to really get to know him and live in his head for a while, but my Kindle may have melted, so I think Tracy Wolff gave us all we could handle at one time.  Sebastian was fascinating and while I never really understood him completely, I am hoping there will be more of his story being told in future books.  Aria is a strong, complex personality that struggles to remove herself from her past but find herself drawn to Sebastian.  Watching Aria struggle with her attraction/obsession with Sebastian and learning what control truly means was very entertaining.  I like a girl who can take only so much before she starts racking people with her drink tray!

Tracy Wolff has created a wonderful series, starting with Play Me Wild, and kept the pacing, interest and flow strong throughout all five parts of this series (these stories were hard to put down).  The Play Me series isn't your typical BDSM book, it took a different take on this lifestyle than I have read in other books and I found myself drawn into this world she created.  

If you are looking for HOT then the Play Me series is definitely going to be the perfect fit.  If you have been reading Tracy Wolff I am sure you will enjoy this new series and will get the impact of seeing Ethan Frost show up in this series more than I did.  And if you are new to this author like I am, you are going to want to buy these books and then grab up the Ethan Frost series as well (this could be an expense, but very, very fulfilling new addiction).  Enjoy entering the glitter and heat that Tracy Wolff brings to Vegas!

***From Tracy's publicist***
Tracy will write a Christmas story if PLAY ME: Wild gets 100 reviews by 12/20! There will be an additional New Years story if she gets 200 reviews by 12/30! We are over halfway there, but wanted to ask that if have read PLAY ME to please go leave a review on Amazon! Also the review doesn’t necessarily have to be just for the first serial. I understand if its hard to leave a review for each serial because remembering where they ended can be hard and they are so short its hard to write a review, but if you want to leave a review for the entire series just leave it on PLAY ME: Wild page. 



Tracy Wolff lives with four men, teaches writing to local college students and spends as much time as she can manage immersed in worlds of her own creation. Married to the alpha hero of her dreams for twelve years, she is the mother of three young sons who spend most of their time trying to make her as crazy as possible.


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