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**Blog Tour Spotlight & Excerpt** ON THE DOTTED LINE by Kim Carmichael


A signature can change everything…
Rather than silver, Randolph Van Ayers III was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and plenty of strings attached. Faced with a list of specific goals he must achieve in order to earn control of his family’s banking empire, he’s accomplished each task and triumphed. One item remains on his list. He must marry by his thirty-third birthday and stay married for one year. However, when his so-called fiancĂ©e leaves him on the courtroom steps only hours before his deadline, he realizes he might lose for the first time in his life, and a Van Ayers never fails.
Taught to rely on the universe for answers, Willow Day has always struggled in the material world, specifically her lack of material. With her small holistic store near foreclosure and without a home, she must do anything within her power to make the business work and take care of the woman who raised her. When the rude, yet gorgeous, Randolph the Third offers to fix all her troubles in exchange for one year of her life, she opens her mind and takes a chance.
It’s the battle of the mystical over the money. Between a hidden pet who looks more like a cotton ball, performance artists with wings, and a woman who spouts advice like a living fortune cookie, everything from restaurant reservations to a trip to celebrate the winter solstice create clashes for the couple as they learn how to fit into each other’s worlds.

With both their futures at stake, they must learn to accept reality, what the fates have dealt them and the consequences of falling in love from the moment they decided to sign on the dotted line.


“How is this possible?” She threw the candle down.
At last she cracked and he fought a smile. “How is what possible?”
She hit her fist into her leg. “How is it possible that a man who is as passionate, creative and gorgeous as you, be you!” The second the words left her mouth she turned away.
“I suppose the same way a woman as utterly breathtaking and ethereal as you is you.” He closed the distance between them and took her shoulders. “I know what my problem is.”
Her muscles tensed against his hold, but she didn’t back away. Instead, she glanced at him. “What?”
“I spend the better part of my existence thinking about how bad I want you.” He inched their faces close together, slid the strap of her dress down and kissed her on the junction between her neck and shoulder. “The whole time I painted I was thinking about you.”
She gasped.
No way would he let up. While his tongue trailed over her skin, lapping up her sweet taste, he pulled the other strap down.
Her breath quickened and she braced herself on the wall.
He nipped at her collarbone and down over her shoulder. With both hands, he kneaded her breasts, her already hard nipples scraping against his palms.
“Damn it!” She twisted her hand in his hair.
He reached behind her and pulled down the zipper to her dress. With no straps to support the garment, it pooled at her feet between them. The site of his wife’s nude body caused his erection to throb. “Something wrong?” In an attempt to show her how everything would go down, he unknotted his tie.
She jutted her jaw out, took hold of his shirt and pulled. The buttons popping off starting from the center and working their way up to his collar and down to his belt. “Is something wrong with you?” She snuck her fingers inside his shirt, scratching her nails across his chest.
“Nothing we can’t fix.” He pushed her hand down to the front of his pants.
She stared into his eyes and gave him quite a squeeze. “I thought you didn’t want to stay here.” Keeping her hold she slid her hand down his erection.
Turnabout was fair play. He cupped his hand between her legs. “Yeah, well I thought you said we weren’t having sex.”
“Who says we’re having sex?” She betrayed her own words by bucking her hips.

With no resistance, he slid a finger inside her. “You tell me.” He added a second.

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Kim Carmichael began writing nine years ago when her love of happy endings inspired her to create her own.
A Southern California native, Kim's contemporary romance combines Hollywood magic with pop culture to create quirky characters set against some of most unique and colorful settings in the world.
With a weakness for designer purses, bad boys and techno geeks, Kim married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running and finally admitted handbags were an investment.
Kim is a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as some small specialty chapters. A multi-published author, Kim's books can be found on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.
When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.

Check out Kim Michael's other works:
Coming Soon from Kim Carmichael:
Twenty years ago the movie, Hollywood Stardust, defined a generation of teens and changed the four actors’ lives forever.
Typecast as the villain both in front and behind the silver screen, Logan Alexander has purposely allowed his star to fade. Now with the 20th Anniversary of the movie on the horizon, he is the only one fit to step into the spotlight, deal with the unwanted publicity, and make sure that things meant to be left on the cutting room floor remain there.
With her entire family in the “industry” Ivy Vermont has always longed to be a leading lady, yet her paralyzing stage fright has relegated her to stay behind the scenes as a fact checker for’s entertainment webcasts. However, when her one time poster boy crush walks in to the studio demanding only she be in charge of his story, she knows she must take advantage of her big break.
Working together to produce an entire series of shows about the movie, Logan walks the fine line between staying true to promises long ago made and opening his heart for the first time, while Ivy struggles to keep her head in reality when faced with her ultimate fantasy.
Coming Spring 2015


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**Blog Tour Review, Giveaway & Excerpt** THROB by @ViKeeland


The rules:

No dating.
No sex outside of the game.
No disclosing the terms of the contract.

Rules were made to be broken, right?

Eight weeks ago I signed a contract. One that seemed like a good idea at the time. A handsome bachelor, luxury accommodations, and a chance to win a prize my family desperately needed. There were some rules though. Lots of them actually. Follow the script, no dating, sex, or disclosing the terms of the deal. After my self-imposed moratorium on men the last year, it wouldn’t be hard to live up to my end of the bargain…so I thought.Until I realized the deal I’d made was with the devil…and I was in love with his dirty-talking brother.


Every girl needs three things
1.  A flutter in her belly when she meets him for the first time.
Meet Cooper
My lips brush the top of her hand lightly, my tongue sneaking out to fleetingly touch her skin.  The brief contact stirs an ache inside me.  This woman tugs at something—more than arousal—something that makes me want to slow down time just to spend a few more minutes standing here.
“Did you just…” she stammers a bit.
“Did I just what?”
She squints at me.  “You know.”
“Do I?”
“I felt your tongue on my hand.  You…you licked me.”
I’d been dying to run my tongue along her neck all evening, although I hadn’t really meant to be so crude about it.  It just sort of …happened.  “I wouldn’t say licked, maybe just a little taste.”
“So you tasted me?”
My entire body suddenly has interest in this conversation.  “I suppose I did.  But it wasn’t nearly enough.  That brings us back to my invitation for dinner.  Tomorrow night?”
“I can’t.”
“The day after then?”
She laughs and shakes her head.  The sound makes me smile.
“Good night, Cooper.”  She pulls the driver’s side door shut and leaves me standing there…for a full five minutes after she’s gone.
2.  A best friend to talk about him to.
Meet Sadie
“And I kissed him when we were in his office.”
“How was his office?”
“Really?  That’s what you want to know.  Not how was the kiss or aren’t you in breach of your contract?  How was his office?”
“You can tell a lot about a man by his office.”
I gulp another unladylike sip from my wine glass.  “His office was beautiful.  Sleek, overlooking the city.  It oozed power.”
“Nice.  Bet he fucks like he owns you.”
The thought of what he’s like in bed is enough to make me lose my train of thought.
“Go on,” Sadie prods.
I don’t continue immediately.
“You forgot what you were up to because you were thinking of him fucking you like he owns you, didn’t you?”  My best friend smirks knowingly.
“Shut up.”  I pause.  “Anyway, I don’t know what I’m going to do.”
“Well, him.  Obviously.”
“I wish it were that easy.”
3.  A gentleman that turns into a bossy dirty talker in the bedroom.
Cooper – behind closed doors.

“You haven’t even begun to see bossy yet.  Tonight I’m going to tell you to do things, and you’re going to do them.  When I tell you to open wider, or take my cock deeper, you’re going to listen.  You know why?  Because since the moment we met, all I’ve wanted to do is make you feel good.  Hell, I don’t even need to get off physically.  Because I’m going to get off watching you every minute.  So, yeah, I’m going to be bossy.  Now let’s put the rest of this behind us.  Do you want to be with me tonight?”

After that prelude, I nod my head fast.  I’m no fool.  Who wouldn’t?

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I signed up to read Throb, not because of the synopsis (which is interesting but vague) but because it was written by Vi Keeland.  I have a huge book crush on everything this woman writes and Throb was no exception! Everything I love about Vi Keeland's writing is here in this book; great characters, a story that isn't what you are expecting, great chemistry/heat and pacing that makes it hard to put down.

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up Throb, but a book that takes on the behind the scenes of reality TV was not it!  Throb is all about playing a game, until you realize that what you want is worth more than the rules of the game and risking it all by breaking the rules.  Vi Keeland created amazing characters in this book.  Cooper and Kate have instant chemistry and reading their journey throughout Throb was highly entertaining.  Add in Miles, a brother that has issues with Connor and the "other man" Flynn that wants Kate for his very own and you have a cast that is hard to beat.

Cooper is a high powered movie executive that gets what he wants and isn't shy about saying what he wants.  Cooper finds Kate irresistible and won't be deterred by silly things like NDAs, contracts and reality TV.  Just like Kate says, he is "Bossy", but in a delicious way.  Kate on the other hand is your "girl next door" and gives off this innocent vibe that the men in this story can't resist.  While she is down to earth, she isn't naive; she knows how to get what she needs and won't take handouts.  Flynn, while enjoyable in his "Bachelor" role will be interesting to get to know more in the next book Beat (coming summer 2015).

Vi Keeland delivers another great story that makes falling in love not quite so simple.  I liked the uniqueness of this story and the how everything panned out, but there were times I wanted to smack both Cooper and Kate for their choices (damn characters having their own will).  The heat, romance and emotion in this book will have you turning pages and ignoring the world outside Throb (possibly forgetting you are in charge of dinner and small children).

If you are looking for a romance that is hot, sweet and bit "bossy" then Throb is a great choice.  If you love reality TV shows, like the Bachelor, then you definitely will fall in love with Throb and Kate (maybe Flynn too).  Basically, if you like to read love stories, then grab up Throb!  Vi Keeland is a must-buy Author for me and always delivers memorable stories that make me fall in love with reading again and again, so 1-click today!


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Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!


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*Blog Tour Giveaway, Author Interview & Excerpt* SWEET SURPRISE (Sweet, Texas #4) Candi Terr


Playing naughty or nice . . .

Fiona Wilder knows all about falling in lust. Love? That's another story. Determined not to repeat past mistakes, the single mom and cupcake shop owner is focused on walking the straight and narrow. But trouble has a way of finding her. And this time it comes in the form of a smoking hot firefighter who knows all the delicious ways to ignite her bad-girl fuse.

Can lead to heartbreak . . .

Firefighter Mike Halsey learned long ago that playing with fire just gets you burned. He's put his demons behind him, and if there's one line he won't cross, it's getting involved with his best friend's ex. But when fate throws him in the path of the beautiful, strong, and off-limits Fiona, will he be able to fight their attraction? Or will he willingly go down in flames?

Or a sweet surprise!


Fiona swallowed. Something warm and forbidden swirled in the pit of her stomach, then wound its way into her heart and other vital parts of her body. In the old days she’d tug him closer and take what she wanted. But this was a new day. A new Fiona. A more responsible Fiona who, unfortunately, couldn’t seem to get this man off her mind. 
“Then maybe this won’t work out.” She eased her hand from his and instantly missed the fire in his touch. 
Those broad shoulders beneath that fresh cotton T-shirt lifted in a nonchalant shrug. 
“I’m willing to give it a shot if you are.”  
Give what a shot, she wanted to ask. The actual work? Or the sexual tension that ignited between them like gasoline and matches? A sigh expanded her chest. 
“If you’re going to work for me there can’t be any flirting. Or touching.” 
His smile widened to a grin. 
“It’ll be a pleasure working under you.” 
Oh boy.
-- Candis Terry, Sweet Surprise


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71Mtg2GDfIL._UX250_Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She's experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to scooping up road apples left by her daughter's rodeo queening horse to working as a graphic designer. Only one thing has remained constant: Candis' passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after. Though her stories are set in small towns, Candis' wish is to give each of her characters a great big memorable love story rich with quirky characters, tons of fun, and a happy ending. 


Do you write to a soundtrack or specific type of music?
I don’t actually write to a soundtrack but I hear songs in my head that relate to the scene I’m writing and those songs end up being my Playlist which I then put up on my website and Spotify. Music plays a huge part in my stories as it can really set the mood. For instance, in the opening scene of Something Sweeter (Book 3 in the Sweet, Texas series) Miranda Lambert’s “Kerosene” is playing in the bar. It’s key because the opening scene between the H&H is pretty explosive. I listen to all kinds of music so in my books I’ve covered everything from Motley Crue to Tom Jones.

What’s the most memorable character that you have ever written?
Ever? Well, that would probably be Letty Silverthorne from my Sugar Shack series. Letty is pretty transparent in a ghostly sort of way. But that doesn’t stop her from meddling or being uber opinionated. I loved writing her and I must admit I miss the heck out of her!

What kind of snack/drink is a MUST for you when writing?
Coffee and Diet Pepsi. Without them I’d be sleeping on my keyboard.

Describe your perfect writing space and where do you actually write?
My perfect writing space would be in a cabin in the mountains on a loooong desk near a window where I could look out over a lake. Where I actually write is pretty cool too. I transformed our never used living room into my office. Although I’d like a bigger desk. I still look out a huge window and I can see the mountains, and I have pine trees so it almost looks like I’m in the mountains. But I have to say that squirrels are very distracting. It’s like they know you’re supposed to be working so they purposely get into mischief and force you to watch. Just sayin’.

What do you do with the stuff that gets “edited” out of your books? Do you keep it or do you consider it gone for good?
If it’s a long piece I clip it and put it into a separate file and keep it. If it’s less than a couple of paragraphs it goes bye-bye forever. I’ve never gone back and used anything I’ve clipped so this far I haven’t regretted using that format.

Who is your favorite Author?
Ah, come on! Not only could I not answer because I’d never want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it would be impossible to pick just one. But I can tell you a few. Will that work? Okay, I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jill Shalvis, and Kristan Higgans. I devour Abbi Glines books. My heart pounds in anticipation for the next Coreene Callahan Dragonfury book. Cara Connelly writes some of the smartest,wittiest books in print. And J.R. Ward—yes please!

What was last thing you read?
I just finished Erin Nicholas’ What Matters Most (The Billionaire Bargains series) and I absolutely loved it!

When you are not writing, what are you doing (any hobbies or guilty pleasures)?
I have a huge country garden to keep me sane and give me delicious vegetables. And our family is very big on camping and fishing. I paid my dues camping in tents when I was younger so now we travel in style in a big trailer that has a separate bedroom, bathroom, microwave, and a big picture window with two comfy rocking chairs to melt into. During those camping excursions you will usually find me on an ATV tearing down a dusty dirt road.

What is your favorite way to interact with your fans? (social media, conventions, emails, letters...)
For me, nothing beats in-person. I love meeting my readers at conventions and book signings. But since that isn’t always possible I’m very active on Facebook. I try to post and chat every day except Sundays and holidays because I have to give my family at least some of my time. I’m not too good at Twitter because it seems too impersonal to me. But I post there once in a while too.

What are you working on now? 
I just completed the final book in the Sweet, Texas series. Truly Sweet is baby brother and former Marine, Jake Wilder’s story, and it will be released in July 2015. I’m very happy with the way his book turned out. Very. Happy. Now I’m starting a brand new series with even more stubborn and ornery brothers to keep me awake at night.


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Jessica Manzano & Rachel Wolf

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**Release Day Blitz & Giveaway** A FATHER'S FIGHT (Fighting #5) by JB Salsbury


Life changes in the span of a heartbeat—one tiny heartbeat.

Blake and Layla have lived through disappointment and regret, only finally finding relief through the powerful love they have for each other. A love they intend to fight to keep.

They’ve had to forgive each other, but can they truly move forward without facing the pain of the past?

Layla’s been avoiding the phone calls. Nine months pregnant and exhausted, she doesn’t want the complication. But she can’t run from the truth. Whoever’s calling was there eighteen years ago. Unlike her, he remembers the night that changed the course of her life, and he’s ready to confess.

Blake’s preoccupied with an email, a few simple sentences sent through cyberspace that have the capability to rob him of his sanity, his freedom, and the people he loves most in the world. When he’s called home for a mysterious reason, leaving Layla isn’t ideal, but hope for reconciliation with his father combined with his brother’s secrecy ignites a curiosity he refuses to ignore.

Putting the pain behind them is no longer an option.

To get the answers they need, they must face the past and open up old wounds that threaten to bleed them dry.



Also Available:






JB Salsbury, New York Times Bestselling author of the Fighting Series, lives in Arizona with her husband and two kids. She spends the majority of her day as a domestic engineer. But while she works through her daily chores, a world of battling alphas, budding romance, and impossible obstacles claws away at her subconscious, begging to be released to the page.
Her love of good storytelling led her to earn a degree in Media Communications. With her journalistic background, writing has always been at the forefront, and her love of romance prompted her to sink her free time into novel writing.
For more information on the series or just to say hello, visit JB on her website, Facebook, or Goodreads page.