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**Review** FIRE DOWN BELOW by Debra Anastasia


Dove Glitch is embarrassed about everything above her knees and below her belly button. When she has to fill a delicate, embarrassing prescription the last thing she needs is a sexy-as-hell (and brand spanking new) pharmacist behind the counter.

Johnson Fitzwell’s first day of his dream career also happens to coincide with the exact moment Dove needs her feminine meds filled. His glorious voice is way too loud–as in, he should be counting down the hits with Ryan Seacrest kind of loud. Thanks to Johnson’s handsome face and gorgeous jaw line, Dove dives headlong into her waking nightmare and asks for a vagina-scented cream.

How could she not fall for him? Dove's only active goal now is to get Johnson to kiss her right on the lips. Either set. However, his horrible girlfriend is one of many obstacles preventing her from making that fantasy a reality. When Dove defends Johnson in the most unhygienic, unconventionally gross way in the middle of a crowded restaurant, their tender, slightly tantric relationship is off to a galloping, farting start.

Each print copy of this book will be dipped in holy water by my mom, and glared at by my father as he purses his lips. Neither will help. So, drop your pants and turn to the left and cough. I hope you're not allergic to latex, because it’s time to fill your prescription. Anally.


Oh God. We’re talking about me being naked, in the shower with cooter cream. Please world, end. Kill me. 
“I know it’s not soap. I just… if it’s scented… I can’t do scented. Flowers and stuff like that. Fruit-flavored soaps make… things… burnish.” She could tell from the peeks at his face Mr. Fitzwell had never stepped foot in bath and lotion store, wanting to try the array of fun fragrances. Nor had he purchased Peppermint Candy shower gel, foamed up his nether regions, and felt like he had dipped them in lava. Dove crossed and uncrossed her legs at the memory. 
Mr. Fitzwell seemed concerned. “Okay, just a heads-up. It’s definitely not good to put any fruits or plant life near your genitals.” He made a V with his hands and formed his own pretend vagina in front of his pants. 
Dove covered her eyes and tried to defend herself because now she could hear the sickly older woman beating her supporters with a purse. 

Dove’s mumbling got louder with her embarrassment. “I don’t put weird things down… there. Just make sure that the cream’s vagina-scented. Just plain. For vaginas.” She kept her eyes on the counter. 


I am not sure what to say.  I can't decide what I think about Fire Down Below.  I read this over a week ago and while some parts still have me snickering, others I can't bleach out of my mind, lol.  I have stated in past reviews that would read anything Debra Anastasia wrote and this sure tested that theory!  I cringed, gagged, and had my mind boggled while reading this book (and I still feel a bit dirty).

If you are a fan of stoner comedies, like Harold and Kumar,  or enjoyed movies like Porky's, then that might get you in the right mind set for Fire Down Below.  I think Debra Anastasia is a brave woman for putting this out there for the public and in between the sharts, pooping and crazy awkward scenarios with cock rings, there is a thread of story that I may not be able to stay away from. Damn you Debra!

Fire Down Below is not for everyone, it is kind of like a train wreck, you don't want to look, but you have to look.  If you are a brave reader with a love of crass language and toilet humor then this will light up your weekend for sure....I promise if you do, you will never look at Slim Jim's the same!



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There are a lot of eyes in Debra Anastasia’s house in Maryland. First, her own creepy peepers are there, staring at her computer screen. She’s made two more sets of eyes with her body, and the kids they belong to are amazing. The poor husband is still looking at her after 17 years of marriage. At least he likes to laugh. Then the freaking dogs are looking at her—six eyeballs altogether, though the old dog is blind. And the cat watches her too, mostly while knocking stuff off the counter and doing that internal kitty laugh when Deb can’t catch the items fast enough.

Debra has a smattering of books in a few genres. There are two in the Seraphim Series and three in the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series with a prequel, Poughkeepsie Begins in the near future. Fire Down Below is the first in the comedic Gynzaule Series. The second, Fire in the Hole, will be published in late 2015. The Revenger, a dark paranormal romance will debut this summer. And last, a novella called Late Night with Andres is special because 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. (So go get it right now, please!) You can find her at and on Twitter @Debra_Anastasia. But be prepared...

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**Review and Author Interview** KNOW WHEN TO HOLD HIM by Lindsay Emory


Spencer Hightower's job is cleaning up other people's messes. And she is damn good at it. Unfortunately, being a supremely organized workaholic, it is isn't always easy to meet guys—until Liam Connelly shows up, all gorgeous and really, really sexy. Sure, he makes Spencer's pulse thump...but he's also the biggest pain in her professional life.
Liam can't believe his lousy luck when he learns that Spencer is his opposition in a high-profile scandal. She’s the best at what she does and the worst possible opponent. Of course, a little professional animosity can't hurt a guy's chances for a date, can it? Even as Spencer tries to keep her distance, their attraction grows stronger...and hotter. But once they cross all kinds of professional—and personal—boundaries, the situation snow-balls into a disaster that even the great Spencer Hightower can't fix...



Thanks to Lindsay Emory I have been humming Kenny Rogers's The Gambler for over a week now (my kids are now begging me to stop singing too).  Know When to Hold Him is more than a catchy title it was a very captivating story!  Lindsay Emory definitely mixed together lots of entertaining things to create this great book.  You get high profile movers & shakers, politicians, athletes, agents, intrigue and scandal!  What a ride Spencer and Liam took us on!

Lindsay Emory is a new-to-me Author and I loved her witty dialogue, unique plot and strong characters!  Know When to Hold Him is a book that is hard to describe (so I won't, you will have to read it) without explaining the whole thing!  You have Spencer, who is a daughter of a Senator and is used to winning, if she can't win she doesn't play.  She is a go-getter, strong, independent and ruthless in business.  What is brilliant about Spencer, is she has a soft side, a side that wants her slice of happily ever after, but she doesn't know how to go for it.  She settles for no strings sex to be safe and "win" in all her relationships.  However, meeting Liam changes things.  Liam is a smart, self-assured lead that had me at hello! He is a sports agent (see what I did there?) that works hard for his clients and is ready to ruffle Spencer's feathers.  Liam was a breath of fresh air in a genre full of uber-jealous control freak men.  He was able to separate (for the most part) work from personal and that is where the story heats up!

Know When to Hold Him definitely held my attention and had me turning pages way past my bedtime.  I really enjoyed this story, even with all the dramatics toward the end, it kept me on my toes and I never knew what to expect with Spencer and Liam.  The chemistry sizzled and the banter was fantastic!

If you are in the mood for a romance that gives you something unique, I would recommend Know When to Hold Him.  You get heat, strong characters, sports, scandal and best of all two people fighting for their slice of happy!



Do you write to a soundtrack or specific type of music?
I create a soundtrack for each book and listen to it any time I’m writing, editing or even thinking about the book. My soundtrack for KNOW WHEN TO HOLD HIM is posted on my Pinterest book board and has a good selection of country songs, since the book is based in Dallas. (

What’s the most memorable character that you have ever written?
Without giving too much away, I’ll say that George Clayton (Senator Hightower’s Chief of Staff in KNOW WHEN TO HOLD HIM) was a huge surprise for me when I was writing the Love & War in Dallas series. He’s hard and strategic and merciless but I fell in love with him anyway.

What kind of snack/drink is a MUST for you when writing?
Caffeine!! I’m addicted to caffeine in all forms, and I usually have a Diet Coke, a  coffee or tea with me at all times.  That said, when I’m deep in the writing zone, I have both hands on the keyboard and the caffeine only gets sucked down during my writing breaks to keep me going.

Describe your perfect writing space? and where do you actually write?
I write everywhere! I wrote my first book by the side of the bathtub during the kids’ bath time. I’m the mom at soccer practice typing away on her ipad mini, or on the train, or on the plane, on the couch and at the kitchen table.  In my fantasies, I’d have a cottage on the beach, with lots of sunshine, fresh air and a magically refilling glass of Diet Coke.

What do you do with the stuff that gets “edited” out of your books? Do you keep it or do you consider it gone for good?
If it’s a whole scene (or chapter), I save it in Scrivener as an extra folder, just in case I need it later, but really, once it’s out of the manuscript, it’s out of my head.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone would be interested in them as a blog post or in a newsletter, but then I forget about them again. 

What is the first Romance book you remember reading?   
I’ve noticed that a lot of romance readers were early readers, like me, who probably grabbed what Grandma and Mom were reading. I remember my mom giving me her M.M. Kaye books, North and South and Gone with the Wind before fourth grade.   I think if they were historical, she thought there were some educational value in them, but I just loved the drama and the emotion.

What is the last book you read?
Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ This Heart of Mine. I love a football player hero (see, e.g., the book I just released.)

When you are not writing, what are you doing (any hobbies or guilty pleasures)?
I don’t think driving the kids to sports practices counts as a hobby or a guilty pleasure but I do a lot of that!  My guilty pleasures are Bravo reality shows (especially Real Housewives of New York and Beverly Hills and Southern Charm) and dramas (Scandal, Nashville) and my husband and I are always catching up on some show – right now we’re finally working our way through Sons of Anarchy season 6, which our DVR erased when our house was struck by lightning last year (so don’t tell me what happens!)

What is your favorite way to interact with your fans? (social media, conventions, emails, letters..)
I’m a big Twitter fan – the conversations fit in well with my pace of life and can be completely random and surprisingly thought-provoking in such a small space.  But I’m on all the sites and I’d love to hear from anyone, anytime.

What are you working on now?  Can we get a sneak peak?
My next release (in May 2015) will be the first of a new mystery series with Harper Collins/ Witness.  It’s called Sisterhood is Deadly and follows a sorority mentor who must uncover a murderer among her sorority sisters when the chapter advisor drops dead.  Writing a mystery is a bit different from writing a romance and I couldn’t help including a sexy police officer to distract my heroine.


As a Texan and recovering sorority girl, Lindsay Emory has strong opinions on college football, nachos, and wearing white after Labor Day. Lindsay started writing when her first grade teacher put her in a closet and told her to write stories, instead of teaching her math. When she’s not writing, she’s raising two daughters, watching movies with her husband, and reading as many books as possible. She is an active member of the Dallas Area Romance Authors chapter of RWA and a semi-active member of the PTA, which is a whole lot less fun.

Author Website:
Author Twitter: @lindsay_emory
Author Facebook:
Author Goodreads:

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**Review & Author Interview** HER UNEXPECTED HERO (Unexpected Heroes #1) by Melody Anne @authmelodyanne


Would you recognize true love if it sat down next to you? In this unforgettable new spinoff of the Billionaire books from New York Times bestselling indie author Melody Anne, two strangers must look past their painful memories to make way for everlasting love.

Alyssa’s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her professional reputation. Now she’s heading to a new town in Montana to rebuild her life—if she can even get there (stupid delayed planes!). But things are looking up when she's upgraded to first class and a mysterious stranger sits down next to her…

Jackson Whitman doesn’t believe in love, or commitment, or forever—not since he lost his wife and daughter. But the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the gate has him rethinking that position. Can he convince her to be his for the night? Or will she convince him to be hers for a lifetime?



Her Unexpected Hero was my first time reading a full length book by Melody Anne, I did read a novella by her in the Baby It's Cold Outside Anthology and it turns out I have several of her books in my TBR waiting for me on my Kindle so I know I will be reading more from this author in the future.  While this is a new series, I am going to assume (the vibe I got from reading this book) that this is a spin-off of another series.  While I enjoyed this book as a new series and a standalone there were times I felt like I was missing out on some pieces of the puzzle, they were few things that made me wonder if I should go back and read her Anderson series (which I most likely will).

Her Unexpected Hero was different than I was expecting.  Melody Anne has crafted a story that you think is leading in one direction and then jumps the rails and really takes you on a new path!  When Jackson and Alyssa met there was a spark, chemistry and some heat!  Melody Anne did a great job pulling you into the story, from the emotional prologue and then right into the meeting of Alyssa and Jackson at the airport.  Alyssa was a tough sale for me, she had just had the carpet pulled from beneath her, losing everything and having to go back to living with her parents.  She was closed off, bitter and wanting to forget what she was forced to leave behind.  A fresh start was what she planned, then Jackson messed it all up (in a good way).  Jackson, I will admit, I liked right away.  He was surly, a bit fussy and hot under the collar.  Then we get to see him evolve and change during the story.  Melody Anne did a great job with her characters, I loved the family ties with Jackson and his family and the sense of community that she portrayed in that small Montana town.

As the story unfolded there were a few things that gave me pause (I have a few hang ups in my picky reader's mind that I couldn't get over, but no spoilers) and took me out of the story.  Alyssa was very wishy-washy and came off as a bit of a spoiled brat.  She didn't want Jackson, but she was upset when he wasn't there giving her attention and she made pretty silly choices.  Her character went through a lot during this book, things got pretty dramatic and a bit far fetched for me.  Jackson on the other hand became a whole new person from the surly man we meet at the airport, but I was ok with that.  He saw what he wanted, recognized it and went after it.  He was way more patient (and a bit blind) with Alyssa than many would be.  His turnaround did seem sudden, but somehow it worked.  I liked the idea that your whole life could change by sitting next to someone on a plane... ah, fate!

Her Unexpected Hero was definitely an interesting read.  While I wasn't a fan of some the plot points and the dramatic happenings, it was a solid read and I will be interested to read the next installment.  If you like your romance with drama and sizzle then this is a great book to pick up and read tonight!



1.  Do you write to a soundtrack or specific type of music?

 Country Music all the way!! I have country songs playing throughout my books. That’s how I got the name “Who I am with You.” I go to at least 6 country concerts a year. I’m a total junkie. Just went to Raylynne, Justin Moore, and Miranda Lambert last night. It was an incredible show.

2.  What’s the most memorable character that you have ever written?

 Joseph Anderson. He’s the patriarch of the Anderson Family and whenever my fans are asked who their favorite character is, Joseph is listed as one of their favorites because he’s loud, and big, and a meddler who loves his family more than anything else in the world.

3.  What kind of snack/drink is a MUST for you when writing?

Coffee!!!! No one speaks to me until I’ve had coffee, and no one wants to. I am unpleasant. I forget to eat sometimes for a day or 2, but I live on coffee. My family have made jokes that I need an IV running underground from the coffee house to my laptop so I can just plug it into my arm J

4.  Describe your perfect writing space? and where do you actually write?

I have a beautiful office that is decorated with pictures and my favorite quotes and is in the back of the house where it’s quiet, and though I work at night when everyone is sleeping, I still get lonely being back there, and so I sit at the kitchen table, or on the couch or on my deck, but never in my office.

5.  What do you do with the stuff that gets “edited” out of your books? Do you keep it or do you consider it gone for good?
I used to just throw it away, but if it’s a huge chunk, I now keep it, though it’s just in a file on my computer never to be used again. Maybe I’ll publish a deleted scenes book someday. 

6.  What is the first Romance book you remember reading?  What is the last book you read?

First romance book I ever read was a historical romance when I was in the 6th grade. I’d snuck it out of my mom’s collection. I will never forget the words “heaving bosom” I giggled and turned red at the same time. From that moment on, I was hooked on romance with totally unrealistic expectations of what a relationship was supposed to be like.

7.  What was the last thing you read?

 Last thing I read was people magazine. I’m a junkie. Love the gossip, the articles, and the fashion tips even though I live in sweats and t-shirts.

The last book I read was “Taken not Spurred” by Ruth Cardello.

8.  When you are not writing, what are you doing (any hobbies or guilty pleasures)?

Going to Country music concerts, having a bbq with family and friends, playing with my nieces and nephews, playing poker, drinking too much on a Friday and recovering on a Saturday, spa days, and nerf wars, though the kids all gang up on me and I end up getting tackled. In the summer I’m camping. I will take my computer and spend every weekend camping if I can get away with it. It’s my absolute ideal vacation!! There is nothing like a campfire and roasting a hotdog and marshmellows. Okay, now I’m ready to go camping right now.

9.What is your favorite way to interact with your fans? (social media, conventions, emails, letters..)

In person. I love the conventions. But I also love facebook and twitter. Emails sometimes take a while to get to me. I would love letters. I have gotten some great cards from fans. I got a chocolate from Australia. Now, that was cool!! Thanks again, Emma

10.   What are you working on now?  Can we get a sneak peak?

I’m doing some final tweaks on Her Forever Hero tonight, actually, and I am more than happy to give some sneak peaks. I’ll have to get my editor on that


Melody Anne is the author of the popular series, Billionaire Bachelors, and Baby for the Billionaire. She also has a Young Adult Series out; Midnight Fire and Midnight Moon - Rise of the Dark Angel. She's been writing for years and published in 2011. She hold a bachelors degree in business, so she loves to write about strong, powerful, businessmen.

When Melody isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. She lives in a small town that she loves, and is involved in many community projects.

See Melody's Website at: She makes it a point to respond to all her fans. You can also join her on facebook at:, or at twitter: @authmelodyanne.

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**Release Day Blitz** DANGEROUS TEMPTATIONS by Brooke Cumberland



One night was all it took…
One night to ruin everything I thought I knew.
From the outside, I had the perfect lifestyle.
Wealthy fiancé, blossoming career, amazing friends.
I wasn’t looking to get married yet, but when William—“Manhattan’s royalty”—charmed his way into my life, I couldn’t deny the security and comfort that overcame me.
To society, I was the girl only after his money. I was the party-goer who managed to seduce a man twice my age to have the lifestyle some could only dream of. I was every magazine’s clichĂ© of what a gold-digging whore was.
I wanted to prove them wrong—that our love was real and that I wasn’t that girl.
But then everything changed.
One wrong decision. One unfaithful night. One haunting reality.
Perhaps they were right.
The media didn’t see it coming…and neither did I.

**This is a stand alone romance suspense novel with no cliffhanger. HEA depends on who you ask.**
Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.



“How long do you plan to act like this?” His question shocked me, my body jerking in response.
“Act like what?” I turned around, narrowing my brows in disapproval.
“That you despise me,” he said bluntly.
I thought about his question for a moment, realizing this was probably just as hard on him as it was on me, but he was the one acting like an arrogant jerk.
“I wouldn’t have to if you’d stop trying to cross boundaries with me when you know it’s inappropriate.”
“Inappropriate?” He laughed, pissing me off more. “Good god, it’s like you’re a Stepford Wife.”
“You know what I mean.”
“You mean…that I’m tempting you? That I’m giving you something more to desire?” He took a step toward me, caging me in with his arms around me. I stepped back as far as I could before hitting the back of the sink. “If you didn’t feel it too, there’d be no issue. But I know for a fact you do.”
I swallowed, hating that he was right, but it didn’t mean anything. It couldn’t.
“Just because your technique—“ I waved a finger between us, “—normally works for other girls, doesn’t mean it’s going to work on me.”
He furrowed his brows and asked, “And what technique would that be?”
“Getting what you want, who you want.” I pushed against his chest, needing the space. “You’re not used to girls saying ‘no’ to you. You use your name, your father’s popularity to gain respect, and truthfully, it’s a little pathetic,” I snapped, the courage I’d felt quickly left as his eyes darkened, getting more intense.
He leaned into me and shot back, “Do you see any other girls here?”
“Give it time.” I held my ground as best I could. His face that close to mine was making it almost impossible to think straight.
He laughed in my face, a deep, throaty laugh that came out as if he was amused by my antics. “If it’s on the Internet, it must be true, right?”
I had looked him up late last night when sleep wouldn’t come to me. Although I tried, wanting—needing—to forget that whole day, it just wasn’t happening. Most of the stories were from his teenage and early college years, there hadn’t been anything recent, but I used it against him anyway.
“Isn’t that the way the game works?”
“I don’t know what game you’re playing, sweetheart, but I know what you felt when you kissed me. You feel what I feel and there’s no denying that.”
His eyes looked into mine, confident and tense as I stared back. “It doesn’t matter, Alex. It’s never going to lead to anything, so you should just stop trying.”
“And what if I don’t?”
“You’re just wasting your time.”
“I’m willing to bet I’m not, but if you want to be delusional, fine with me.” He pressed his chest against me and brought his face closer to mine. “I wasn’t sorry for what we did, Mac. I’ll never be sorry for that. I’m only sorry you felt guilty about it afterward.”
“If you cared about me at all like you claim, you’d back off, Alex.”
He huffed in an amused laughter. “That’s one thing you should learn about me, Mac. I don’t back off on something I want.” He gripped my chin with his thumb. “I was trying to get you out of my mind, and I failed miserably. The only thing I want from you isyou. I don’t need to parade you around like a little trophy wife or show you off to my friends. Once you see that, you’ll change your mind.” He dropped his hand and stepped back, walking away with the last word. It didn’t matter anyway, I had nothing left to say.

Read the first chapter here 

*Check out the Dangerous Temptations Pinterest Board 



Amazon US ◆ Amazon UK ◆ B&N   iTunes


Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today Bestselling author who's a stay-at-home mom and writes full-time. She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, 4 year old wild child, and two teenage stepsons. When she's not writing, you can find her reading love stories, listening to music that inspires her, and laughing with her family. Brooke is addicted to Starbucks coffee, leggings, and anything sweet. She found her passion for telling stories during winter break one year in grad school--and she hasn't stopped since.

**Review & Author Interview** SLEEPING WITH HER ENEMY (the 49th floor #2) by Jenny Holiday


Amy Morrison is supposed to be at her wedding. But when her husband-to-be jilts her at the altar, a distraught Amy runs to the only place she feels safe—her office. Besides, everyone who works on her floor is at her wedding...except him. Dax Harris. Playboy, executive, and Amy's official office enemy.

While he and Amy don't see eye-to-eye on the best of days, Dax can't help but feel badly when he sees Amy mid-meltdown. Next thing he knows, he's gotten her good and drunk, and they're making out like two  teenagers. And since neither of them want anything serious, why shouldn't they be frenemies-with-benefits? Because there is no possible way they could ever fall for each other...



When you are having the worst day of your life and you realize you have no one to call or anywhere else to go, sometimes life hands you the unexpected.  Jenny Holiday has created a story that really sucks you in from the beginning (or the blurb, if you are like me) and keeps you riveted until the end. Sleeping with Her Enemy was an unexpected gem!  While friends to lovers may be my favorite book trope, the idea of two people that can't get along without arguing turning into friends, then lovers was pretty spectacular!

Sleeping with Her Enemy is book #2 in the 49th floor series (Saving the Ceo is book #1), you can read it as a stand alone book, like I did and have no issues feeling out of the loop.  Since I didn't read book one, I will be going back to see if we get more of the "enemy" factor shown between Amy and Dax and because that is all that is left on Jenny Holiday's back list (and I need more of her writing!).  

Jenny Holiday does a great job setting up the scene, getting the reader invested in Amy's character and creating witty banter between her and Dax.  The characters in this book were not what you expect and had way more depth and personality than your typical "CEO/co-worker" trope.  I loved Dax!  He was like a breath of fresh air! I just wish we would have gotten more insight into his point of view during all this but I am very pleased with what we did get.  Dax isn't your typical alpha CEO that has a superiority complex.  From the start of the book I was expected to dislike him like Amy and have to be "won" over by him.  I was wrong.  Jenny Holiday made him layered, with a strong sense of playfulness and loyalties to loved ones.  Dax was a great male lead with his patience and inner struggle to keep it just friends with Amy.  Then we have Amy.  Poor Amy was a mess when we meet her and the reader gets to watch her rebuild herself while learning what she thought she needed in life might not be something she can plan.  I liked Amy's character, she was strong, independent but at the same time struggling to find what her heart actually wanted.

Sleeping with Her Enemy was a great book, this was my first book by Jenny Holiday and I will definitely be going back to read Saving the CEO and watching for what else she writes. I loved her style of storytelling, letting the characters slide into love by putting down their habits of snarky zingers to become friends and then letting them "fall".  The pacing was great, the story keeps you turning pages and ignoring the outside world until you are done and the sparks/heat will reddened a few cheeks for sure!

If you are looking for a great story about two people realizing what they have always wanted was right in front of them, then Sleeping with Her Enemy needs to get in your e-reader!  If you are a fan of Jenny Holiday, I think you will love Amy and Dax's story and getting up to date on all the happenings on the 49th floor.  I can't wait to read more from this author, even if she did leave me craving Beef Stroganoff!



Do you write to a soundtrack or specific type of music?
Nope. Like a lot of authors, I have a day job, so that means I squeeze writing in whenever I can. I write in a noisy coffee shop before work, while I’m “watching” Dora the Explorer with my kid, and everywhere in between. When I have a choice, though, I’ll write in silence. That said, I do have a theme song of sorts for every book I do, and I listen to it obsessively in the months that I’m writing a book—not literally while I’m writing, but when I’m on the subway, or when I’m walking to my son’s school to pick him up. For my last book, Sleeping With Her Enemy, it was Taylor Swift’s “Long Live.” It reminded me of my characters, of one scene in particular. In fact, I was so attached to this song with this book that I threw it into a karaoke scene.

What’s the most memorable character that you have ever written?
Can I choose a character from a book that’s not out yet? I’m going to say Catharine, the heroine of a historical I have coming out this summer. A widowed viscountess, she’s also a spy who’s trying to bring down a musket manufacturer who is sabotaging the weapons he’s selling to the English Army. She doesn’t hold much stock in social conventions, and before she meets her hero, she’s been known to enjoy the attentions of a gentleman caller or two. In fact, when I was writing her, I was thinking a little about Miranda from Sex and the City—you know, if you transplanted her into 1812 England!

What kind of snack/drink is a MUST for you when writing?
I’m not picky! When I get long stretches of writing time at home, which is rare, I have trouble not mindlessly eating everything in the house. I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine or two when writing sex scenes—makes it easier!

Describe your perfect writing space? and where do you actually write?
I write everywhere! My two main spots are the library over my lunch hour at the day job and my laptop on my kitchen table. But I will write pretty much anywhere I find myself with a 15-minute chunk of time: doctor’s waiting rooms, park benches, you name it. My perfect writing spot would be a dedicated office with a comfy desk chair and a treadmill-desk for reading/walking breaks. Maybe someday!

What do you do with the stuff that gets “edited” out of your books? Do you keep it or do you consider it gone for good?
It’s gone! It’s dead to me! I’m pretty ruthless about cutting stuff that isn’t working, either on my own passes editing a book before I turn it in or in response to feedback from my editor. I don’t get overly-attached. Well, that’s not true—I get very attached to the overall book, so maybe that’s what’s makes me ruthless about dumping parts of it that aren’t working.

What was the first Romance book you remember reading?
I read a series of teen romance books in the 1980s called Sunfire. They were historicals set in various eras in the U.S., and the titles of the books were the first names of the heroines. I think the first one I read was called Amanda, and it was set on the Oregon Trail. Oddly, I didn’t really read romance again until my early 30s, but once I (re)discovered it, I never looked back!

What was the last book you read?
The last several books I’ve read I have done some because I’m judging the RITA awards, and I’m not allowed to talk about them! (It’s almost like I’m a spy!) Before that, I think the last book I read was Off Campus by A.J. Cousins. It’s a male-male romance about an unlikely pair of college roommates thrown together, and it made me swoon.

When you are not writing, what are you doing (any hobbies or guilty pleasures)?
Yoga is my not-guilty pleasure. M&Ms are my guilty pleasure.

What is your favorite way to interact with your fans? (social media, conventions, emails, letters..)
I’m not picky! I love fans in any format! But I suppose the way I tend to interact with them the most is Twitter. I’m on Twitter a lot (but I kind of suck at Facebook).

What are you working on now? Can we get a sneak peak?
I’m finishing up edits on the second historical in my Regency Reformers series, which is due out in May. It’s about a renegade governess who is trying to rehabilitate the reputation of Mary Wollstonecraft. Wollstonecraft was a political philosopher who wrote about the rights of women. After her death, her husband published a memoir about her. He meant well, but the book shone light on many aspects of her life that were, shall we say, unconventional. As a result, her reputation was destroyed. (She was rehabilitated later, and today she’s considered an important philosopher and no one remembers the period in which she was considered an immoral hoyden). Lucy, my heroine, adores Wollstonecraft, hero-worships her almost. (In fact, she often asks herself WWMD—What Would Mary Do?) But as you might imagine, aligning herself with such a controversial figure lands her in some trouble.


Jenny Holiday started writing in fourth grade, when her awesome hippie teacher, between sessions of Pete Seeger singing and anti-nuclear power plant letter writing, gave the kids notebooks and told them to write stories. Most of Jenny's featured poltergeist, alien invasions, or serial killers who managed to murder everyone except her and her mom. She showed early promise as a romance writer, though, because nearly every story had a happy ending: fictional Jenny woke up to find that the story had been a dream, and that her best friend, father, and sister had not, in fact, been axe-murdered. From then on, she was always writing, often in her diary, where she liked to decorate her declarations of existential angst with nail polish teardrops. Eventually she channelled her penchant for scribbling into a more useful format. After picking up a PhD in urban geography, she became a professional writer, and has spent many years promoting research at a major university, which allows her to become an armchair astronomer/historian/particle physicist, depending on the day. Eventually, she decided to try her hand again at happy endings--minus the bloodbaths. You can follow her twitter accounts @jennyholi and @TropeHeroine or visit her on the web at