Monday, February 23, 2015

**New Release Review & Giveaway** THE NAKED CHEF by Diane Hernandez



It was supposed to be a temporary gig; babysit the mischievous movie star and cook some food—easy peasy.
Chef Reggie Morales signed the year contract because she had just closed her restaurant and she needed a job to help support her family. There was no way Reggie could even consider working in someone else’s restaurant kitchen so soon after closing her own place. She knew the temporary gig would give her the time she needed to figure out her next move. However, the only move she could think about was the one she wanted her new boss to make on her.
Tracy Thompson was the gorgeous Hollywood talent agent who hired her as a domestic while she discreetly kept an eye on his brother. Tracy was a beautiful man who was equally polite as he was respectful, until one night after they kissed.

As a single mother, and restaurant owner, Reggie had had little to no time to ever even consider a romantic relationship, and that wasn’t about to change even with the less rigorous schedule. Not as long as Tracy had a girlfriend. It had been a long time since Reggie gave in to her carnal desires, but one vulnerable night, Reggie gave in to Tracy’s seduction. She knew it was wrong, however, she had no idea it would change her life forever.
Diane Hernandez’s debut provocative novel gives readers a look at what happens when the “stars” align and you find love in your own backyard.



The Naked Chef is Diane Hernandez's debut novel and it was an enjoyable treat.  In The Naked Chef we get a mix of feisty Reggie, over-worked Tracy, fun loving Tanner and sassy Yolanda.  

Diane Hernandez has created very in-depth characters that are juggling full plates that life has served them, while wanting a bit of happiness for themselves.  The pacing of this story was quick, almost too quick in some instances, but it never dragged or lost its momentum.  At times some of the plot twists in this book were predictable, but then some took me on a path I wasn't expecting.  I was never quite sure what was about to happen next and this kept me turning pages well into the night.  While I liked the combo of Tracy and Reggie, I just wanted more in-depth time with them to really "see" how they went from employer/employee to in love, so by the time we got to the twist at the end I would be more emotionally invested.  However, despite all that, I was left craving more at the end, so I really hope there is more story of what happens next with Tracy and Reggie (the epilogue left me needing more answers).

The Naked Chef is a great debut, I will definitely be keeping my eye on what Diane Hernandez writes in the future!  If you are wanting a spicy read that has heart, drama and some sexy goodness, then The Naked Chef is definitely worth checking out!



Diane Hernandez was always aware of the voices in her head. But, it wasn’t until her nest emptied, and the harried frenzy of being a wife, mother and chef was replaced with a quiet calm, did she listen to them. Once she realized those voices were telling her tales of love and lust, she started writing down the super sexy and provocative stories. Now, she has decided to release them for your enjoyment. When Diane is not busy taking dictation from her subconscious, she is teaching culinary arts, cooking, reading, gardening, shopping on Zulily or watching Project Runway.

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