Monday, March 2, 2015

*Review* IN THE MOMENT: Part One by Rachael Orman


Alicia knows Ace as the hard, tattooed biker who frequents the bar she works at. So when she finds him locked in a compromising position with another man, she is shocked to discover he’s not who she thought he was. 

Brushing off all Ace’s behavior has become second nature, until he makes advances toward her. Alicia gives in, not knowing where her desires will take her.


My head hit the thin metal wall behind me and his lips left mine. Instead of backing off though, he simply moved his kisses to my neck. 

“Damn. Stop doing that,” I whispered, unable to force my voice any louder. He simply acted as if I hadn’t spoken and made his way back up before taking my earlobe between his teeth. 

“Don’t like when I make you hot? Is that why you want me to stop?” His hot breath rushed over the wet skin left behind from his kisses. “Don’t tell me you aren’t turned on. I can smell it.”

A whimper was my only response as my knees weakened.



Rachael Orman is a new Author for me and I must say, this was a very HOT introduction!  In the Moment is an erotic M/M/F series that will be broken up into five parts.  I devoured part one before I could finish my coffee (who needs coffee if you have this to perk you up)!  

In the Moment: Part One is a quick read (like under 50 pages) and it does a good job up setting up the main players for this series (Ace, Adam and Alicia), and getting right to some intense heat.  The pacing is quick, the characters are people we just met so it is hard to say how I truly feel about this series just yet.  I do know that I will be begging Rachel for part two very soon!

If you love serials, M/M/F erotica and intense, quick reads then In the Moment will be the perfect morsel to devour tonight!


**This will be FREE on Amazon soon... so check back again to purchase when FREE**


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