Friday, April 10, 2015

*Author Interview & Review*: TRUE NORTH (True #1) by Liora Blake


What happens when a bad-boy celebrity rocker meets a small-town bestselling novelist? Find out in this first book in the sizzling new Trueseries by Liora Blake!

While most novelists would consider jetting off to Hollywood for a TV interview rather exciting, small-town Montana writer Kate Mosely finds it all a bit exhausting. After losing her husband in a car accident where she was behind the wheel, Kate has finally found her bearings in the world again, rebuilding a simple but stable life. And even if that means a lot of lonely nights watching old movies and quiet days writing obituaries for her hometown newspaper, Kate’s not sure she’s ready for her life to change—again.

Until she shares the stage—and a whole heap of carnal gazes—with rock star Trevor “Trax” Jenkins. Despite his intimidating on-stage bravado, underneath it Kate discovers a man with a Rilke poem tattooed on his arm, an appreciation for cronuts, and a snarky wit that matches her own.

As she and Trevor explore their heated chemistry, the scarred parts of Kate’s heart begin to heal, making room for a love so passionate it makes her want long-forgotten things equal parts naughty, heart-swelling, and joyful. But when a searing exposé in a trashy gossip magazine sends Kate running, will it threaten their chances at forever?



True North was a wonderful debut book from Liora Blake! I loved the idea of a small town author (bestselling author) running into a world famous rock star at a talk show and having an instant connection. True North is an excellent blend of sweet, emotional, sexy and just plain fun reading.

If you are expecting your typical rocker romance, focusing on the rock star/singing angle and how a quiet woman enters his life, then you will be pleasantly surprised (like me) that True North is NOTHING like that. Liora Blake does a great job sliding us into Kate's life and how she is riding this rollercoaster of fame from her book about small town living when unexpectedly she meets Trevor. The characters in this book have such depth and emotion that it was easy to fall in love with them both and you find yourself crossing your fingers after every page that this romance goes the way your heart hopes.

Trevor is the famous rocker "Trax" and is known for his angry music and screaming legions of fans. He meets Kate and his life shifts. Trevor was a character you couldn't help but adore, he came off as a real person (not a rock star persona) and watching him "chase" Kate was a treat. Kate was a hard nut to crack for me and she liked getting in her own way a lot. Kate's life had tragedy and loss and while she was moving on, she also tended to shy away from jumping into life and just living.

Liora Blake took two people that you expect to clash and created music. True North was a fantastic read and I can't wait to continue with this series (no worries, no cliffhangers, the next book is another character from True North). True North is definitely a book to pick up and read this weekend, it will make you smile, blush and leave your heart happy. Liora Blake is an Author to watch, she understands romance and delivers one heck of a story! 



1. Do you write to a soundtrack or specific type of music?
Depends. If I'm stuck, I usually have a book specific playlist that helps. Otherwise, as long as I'm not sitting in silence that's all that matters!

2. What’s the most memorable character that you have ever written?
Simon, the hero in book two of this series (TRUE DEVOTION), was fun to write—charming and easygoing while still managing to lay all sorts of smexy on his girl.

3. Describe your perfect writing space? and where do you actually write?
I wish I had a quaint little room lined with built-in bookshelves and a comfy window seat for nestling down in. Instead, I usually work in a pretty standard issue home office.

4. What do you do with the stuff that gets “edited” out of your books? Do you keep it or do you consider it gone for good?
I keep all the old versions of every manuscript, but I'm learning that my editor cuts things for a reason, so I rarely give it much thought once it's gone. With TRUE NORTH though, I have a handful of Trevor POV scenes that I plan to release as bonus content.

5. What was the last book you read?
SOULLESS by Gail Carriger.

6. What is your favorite way to interact with your fans? (social media, conventions, emails, letters..)
Carrier pigeons? Maybe an old-fashioned telegram? I'm kind of hopeless when it comes to social media, but Twitter seems to be the one I find easiest to keep on top of…email is great for me, but I'd love to hear from readers in whatever way works best for them!

7. What are you working on now?
All the books in the TRUE series are complete and in various stages of production with the publisher, so I'm drafting a new series. The first book follows a NFL wide receiver struggling with the end of his now injury-plagued career, only to meet an organic apple farming hippie girl (because that's obviously a sensible match up) who just might give him a real future off the field.


Liora BlakeLiora Blake is a contemporary romance author living in Colorado.
When she isn’t writing, she’s likely baking cookies she shouldn’t eat, inventing elaborate excuses to avoid going for a run, or asking the nice barista to sell her another quad-shot Americano.