What does it all mean?  

Here is my explanation for Heat and Star Ratings:

 A very sweet and tame romance, this is safe to read in public.

 This heat simmers, most of the action is behind closed doors (not written out)

 Get ready for a blush or two!  There are some very heated scenes that can be graphic

 Get ready to blush!  These stories will make reading in public almost impossible, scenes are very descriptive and could steam up your screen!

Have ice water on hand!  These stories are graphic, in your face and HOT HOT HOT, lock your Kindle to keep your reading a secret!

This book is so good I can't put it down, I am thinking about it days (or weeks) later and would actually BUY the paperback version to keep forever!

This book was great!  I really enjoyed reading it and would definitely keep reading more by this Author.

This book was a good read.  There may have been some issues with plot, ending or dialogue, but I was able to finish and enjoy the story.

 This story needed a bit more, I skimmed pages just to see if the book got better or just to get to the end.  

I did not finish this book.

**Anything that falls between the two star ratings will get a  added to the rating**