** I am VERY selective about what I select so I don't get overwhelmed,  I appreciate your understanding and patience**

I LOVE getting asked to review books and will try my best to answer all email inquires in a timely fashion.  However, please keep in mind that I read and enjoy books of a more "blushing" nature (that doesn't mean I only read smut, it means if you write children's literature or inspirational stories, I am not your girl).  Also, not every book will appeal to me, and just sending me an email with a ARC in it without my consent to read it, does not mean I will review it (I like to have a say in what I read) please talk to me about your book :)

Here are the genres I truly love to read:

New Adult Romance (after college age)
Adult Contemporary Romance
Romantic Suspense
Historical Romance (not time travel)

I am selective about reading:

Young Adult

I do not enjoy (which means I will not read):

Short Stories (books under 75 pages)
Science Fiction
Inspirational Romance

If you would like me to read your book for review, please email me at **** with the following information (I need more than just a link, sell me on your book):

  • Title of your book
  • a synopsis or blurb about your book (helps to know what I am agreeing too)
  • an Excerpt (if you have one, so I can get a "taste" of your writing style
  • Genre
  • any links to your book
  • Author website (or social media like FB/Twitter)
  • timeframe you need/want the review completed

Review Policy for The Blushing Reader:

  • I accept ARC review copies in mobi, pdf and epub format (However, I GREATLY prefer mobi files).
  • Once I have read your book I will contact you so we can discuss the type of review you would like and where you would like the review to be posted (as a blog post, on Amazon, B&N, other booksellers, Goodreads, etc)
  • I reserve the right to NOT to post a review after reading a book. (I will still contact the author and we can discuss alternate ways that I can help you promote your book)
    • ***REMEMBER: No two people read the same book.  Unfortunately, sometimes books aren’t my cup of tea and I am unable to finish them or can’t rate them above a 2 star rating.  My goal is to help authors, NOT to post negative reviews on books that were requested reviews.  I will however, mark that I have read your book and give it an honest star rating on Goodreads ***
  • I am just ONE person reading a LOT of books for my blog (this is a pretty great problem to have since I LOVE reading), please understand that sometimes life gets in the way and my timeline gets thrown off.  
  • I will do my best to read the requested books in the order they are submitted to me, but I am at heart a reader, (not just a reviewer) and I reserve the right to let some books skip to the front of the line :)

Don't want a review?  Maybe just some help promoting a sale or new release?  Email me!  I am happy to help you with whatever I can by posting things on the blog, Facebook page, and/or Twitter.

Have a great one!